How to Convert EML to PST File Format?

Here, the mentioned article contributes an overview to convert EML to PST file format in multiple ways. So, if you have a query on the same, stay here and understand the complete solution.

What are EML and PST Files?

EML File Format: The EML file format is an individual file format designed by Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, etc. It is available in text and binary setup, with the header containing ASCII content and the body containing attachments, plain text, and hyperlinks. In general, these specific file formats are maintained by device users to exchange some relevant email through electronic means of communication.

PST File Format: Whereas, the PST file is a Microsoft Outlook archive file that saves emails with or without attachments, address book information, appointment records, etc. A file with a PST extension is only available in MS Outlook. It is a popular and high-demand email application for business users.

Why Need to Convert EML to PST File Format?

As we all know, Outlook has many extraordinary features. That’s why users want to export EML files into Outlook. So, let’s notice some more relevant reasons to import EML to PST files.

  • Because of Outlook’s user-friendly features, many organizations discover that it is easy to manage individual as well as personal information with MS Outlook.
  • The EML files get damaged more easily than any other file format. Hence, exporting EML to Outlook PST files is an appropriate approach to protect valuable information from corruption.
  • To protect a complete mailbox, as an EML file format, there needs a lot of space. But a PST file comprises all emails in the mailbox with attachments in a small range.

Methods to Import EML files to PST Format

There are two techniques mentioned in this article to convert EML to PST File format. Every method is well mentioned so that users do not have to face problems in the middle of the process. Follow the given step-by-step solution to get an authentic result.

Method 1. Convert EML to PST By Using  Drag and Drop Solution

  1. First, launch MS Outlook on your processor.
  2. Next, drive to the local system path, wherever the origin EML files are saved, and pick one of them.
  3. Finally, drag the picked EML file and drop it into the MS Outlook email client.

Method 2. Save EML File to PST Using Windows Live Mail

  1. Open MS Windows Live Mail email on your system and click on File >> Export >> Email Messages option.
  2. It will open a window where you choose the Microsoft Exchange option and click on the Next tap.
  3. A dialog box appears in the next window in which you have to click on the OK button to continue to switch EML to the PST file.
  4. Now, select any particular Windows Live Mail folders or files from the folders required to be sent into Microsoft Outlook. Once folder selection is complete, touch the OK button.
  5. Immediately after performing the previous step (4), the process begins. It depends on the number of emails to import the EMl file into Outlook and how much time it may take for conversion.
  6. After completion of the process, the Export Complete message will seem where you must click on the Finish option.

Drawbacks Of the Manual Methods

Sometimes, the manual method does not provide a perfect solution to convert EML to PST file format. It possesses some shortcomings as well.

  • This method is not suited for non-technical or untrained users.
  • Due to the lengthy step of the manual way, it takes a lot of time for users.
  • The drag and drop strategy is usually applied when saving an EML file individually in a specific location on your system.
  • You may face a higher data loss if the method is not followed accurately.

Method 3. Convert EML to PST File Format Using Expert Solution

These above-discussed approaches only implement when you need to convert a single EML file or also without any attachments. If you want to import multiple EML files into Outlook at once, use the MCT EML File Conversion Tool. It is an excellent solution to your query. This tool converts bulk EML files without Microsoft Outlook into various file formats like PST, MBOX, OST, CSV, HTML, MHTML, and also other file formats. It removes the repeated emails from the sorted folders throughout the process, which provides an error-free outcome.


The above describes two leading approaches to convert EML to PST File Format. From both methods, the manual process is proper for those users who are intimate with technical terms and can perform complicated steps. In contrast, the other expert technique is the absolute solution for non-tech users. Therefore, I want to recommend choosing an intelligent method for the conversion process and save their valuable data and time.