8 Secret Things You Didn’t Know About Planning a Wedding Event!

Wedding Event!

You’ve undoubtedly compiled the ideal wedding checklist – cake, dress, flowers, beautiful little straws for the bar—but what are you missing? Add bobby pins and super glue (you’ll be shocked how handy it is!) to your list if they aren’t already on it.

Hey, don’t get nervous!  We’ve got it all covered! In order to pull off a successful event, you will need the help of event planning consultant. This person can help you plan everything from your budget to your guest list to the food and drinks that will be served at the event. We’ve also compiled a list of wedding tips you probably neglected to include on your “must-haves” list on your wedding planning day in this blog post.  So, let’s get started!

1. Make Sure to Leave an Extra Room in Your Wedding Budget for Contingencies!

It’s almost certain that you’ll come into some hidden fees or other unanticipated costs, so be careful to budget for them. We recommend setting aside roughly 5% of your overall budget as a perfect wedding plan idea for a contingency fund to cover any unexpected expenses.

2. Expect a Flood of Emails in your Mailbox!

Because of all the e-newsletters, wedding show follow-ups, vendor communications, and so on, you might want to consider having a different email address only for your wedding planning. It’s far easier to have everything in one spot, where both you and your fiancé can see it, rather than cluttering up your primary inbox.

3. Check with Your Location to See if There are any Restrictions on Decor!

You may adore the way sparklers appear in images, but many Atlanta Wedding Planner’s venues are unwilling to risk a fire. Although your barn wedding site could use some TLC, you may not be able to hang anything from the rafters.

Rice is also no longer tossed at weddings since it can choke birds! Read your venue contract carefully and discuss your wedding plan idea with your venue management since there may be limitations on what you can and cannot include.

4. Make an Emergency Kit for the Wedding Day!

This compact cosmetics bag loaded with “just in case” supplies can solve most of the minor issues on a wedding day. Do you have a throbbing headache before the ceremony? Take an Advil as soon as possible. Is one of your lashes coming undone? Bring out the DUO tube. Have you spilled red wine or ripped a seam? Fortunately, you’ve brought some Shout Wipes and a small stitching kit with you!

An emergency pack, which includes everything from double-sided tape to deodorant, can be a lifesaver wedding tip on the big day.

5. Brunch, of course!

To discourage everyone from getting hangry during hair and makeup, remember to stock up on snacks and drinks. According to a wedding planner in Atlanta, Georgia, ask a bridesmaid, friend, or family member to bring fruit, bagels, muffins, or sandwiches.

6. Consider Having your Wedding “Unplugged”!

You’ve paid for a professional photographer for your wedding planning, and the last thing you want is for 27 iPhones to show up in your wedding shots. So that your trusted photographer can obtain that magnificent, unobstructed shot of your walk down the aisle…and following “I dos,” ask your guests to leave their phones, iPads, and cumbersome cameras at home (or at least beneath their seats). You’ll also want to remind everyone to turn off their phones before the ceremony begins!

7. Ask About Your Vendor Meals!

Vendors aren’t superhumans that can work an entire 8-hour wedding event without eating or drinking, so remember to feed them! Ask your Atlanta Wedding Planners about vendor meals with your caterer, and provide them with the final “vendor meal” count while confirming your final guest total.

8. Make a Plan for Those who will want to Continue the Celebration!

If your wedding is short on time, many of your guests may want to keep the party going! Find local dive bars or late-night hotspots near your wedding location as a perfect wedding plan idea so that guests who aren’t ready to call it a night can quickly get there—and won’t be stuck outside the wedding site.

So, are you ready to rock the wedding party this year? If you like this blog post, give it a shoutout by posting your comments in the comment section below!


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