How Dressing Well Can Increase Your Confidence

Dressing Well

What we choose to wear is a highly individualistic and personal decision based upon our personalities and emotional state. This article will cover how feeling confident in the clothes you are wearing can improve your overall confidence.

Enhanced Mood

Think about the last time you wore your favourite item of clothing, how did it make you feel? We a betting that your mood was elevated because you were easily able to show a part of you to the world that you feel proud of. Style often requires people to explore different options and potentially make themselves feel temporarily vulnerable whilst they try on new outfit styles that they may not have considered before, but these temporary negative feelings quickly dissipate when you find pieces of clothing that you feel comfortable in. When you wear something that makes heads turn for all the right reasons this is your reward.

Increased Self Confidence

Dressing well can increase your self-confidence as you know that you are showing your best self to others. Ensuring that you are wearing your best clothes and your hair is presentable can also make meeting new people less daunting as you can take confidence in that you know that you look good. Increasing your self-confidence doesn’t just stop at the clothing you are wearing, ensuring that your hair, face and scent are all the best they can be can all dramatically improve your self-confidence. For an extra confidence boost, you could also ask a friend or family member what they think of your outfit; hopefully they have a positive response for you which can carry your self-confidence throughout your event. 

First Impressions Are Important

Dressing well can also positively affect people’s interactions with you as you will seem more trustworthy to others, meaning they may respond more positively towards you. For example, if you are in a job interview and you have dressed to impress you are more probably more likely to get offered the job than someone who has turned up in a lackluster outfit. 

How To Find Your Confidence Clothing

  • Find Your Style: Think about the outfits you have worn recently or further back in the past and consider how wearing that outfit made you feel. Then consider why you would want to wear it again; for example, you may have thought the fabric used to make the clothing was luxurious, or the clothing style was flattering to your figure. Or it could be as simple as you like the colour of the clothing. Once you figure out what you are looking for in clothing, you can start filling your wardrobe with clothing that makes you feel more confident. It is also good to consider buying clothes that you love as a form of self-care
  • Comfort Is Important: Choosing outfits that are comfortable to wear is an important consideration because if your clothing is not comfortable to wear your discomfort will likely show, which can reduce your confidence. Ideally, you want to find the perfect balance between style and comfort whilst being mindful of the occasion you are wearing the outfit. 
  • Dress For The Occasion: Ensuring that you dress appropriately for the occasion is an important consideration as it can be beneficial to people’s confidence to feel like their outfit fits in with the rest of the people around them. A couple of days before the event you should ensure that you have asked other people who are attending the event what the dress expectations are, if you are still unsure you can do some research on the internet where you can find countless helpful articles detailing how to dress for almost every occasion.


There are many benefits to being confident in the clothes that you wear daily. If this is not you at the moment don’t worry, there is plenty that you can to do fix this! You could start with a wardrobe classic such as a men’s full tracksuit to wear when you are around the house.