Tips to Embrace Commercial Interior Design with Lighting

According to architects and interior designers, lighting is one of the most important factors when considering the layout, ambience, and environment of a commercial building. Dimmer, softer luminosity might relax you and help you fall asleep while brighter lights may make you feel awake and attentive. Whichever the case may be, lighting influences your mood, behaviour, health, and performance critically.

Moreover, the level of productivity you want to achieve depends upon how well you have incorporated the indoor LED lighting system in your commercial space. While saying so, we know attaining the most suitable and efficient lighting structure along with modern interior LED fixtures is a challenging job to be done. To help you out in the same, we have curated a list of some mind-blowing interior lighting design tips to know and execute for creating an enthusiastic commercial work environment.

Use Multiple Light Sources

A common mistake people make while installing lights is placing a single, central ceiling light. This kind of lighting casts shadows in the corners and illuminates the space unevenly, making it appear smaller and possibly causing eye strain. You should use many light sources dispersed across the area rather than a single ceiling light.

Experiment with different types of lights such as suspended, downlights, and high bay luminaires, to know which kind of luminosity and at what size and level you want to efficiently brighten up every nook and corner of the space.

Remember to not compromise on the positioning of the light for better luminosity.

Say Yes to Layered Lighting

Explore various shades and advantages of lighting to make a compact, useful and attractive space for employees, clients, and competitors to look at. Create a combination of general, ambient, accent and task lighting according to the nature of the space.

For instance, customised lighting enables people to see better at designated locations of interest like workstations or worktops, general lighting maintains the space’s overall brightness. On the other hand, ambient lighting serves a more aesthetic purpose. When talking about task lighting, consider installing them in regions where optimum and focused lighting is required to accomplish tasks at hand productively.

The method of layered lighting makes sure that each of these requirements is satisfied. You should therefore take into account all these “layers” when placing light sources around a space.

Furthermore, vanity lights in bathrooms and under cabinet LED lighting in kitchens can be considered for adequate luminosity with elegance and style. Candles, recessed lighting, accent lamps, or statement pieces can be integrated to enhance the aesthetics of the space with improved space optimization.

Embrace Uplighting, Backlighting

Uplighting is used to highlight high ceilings or heighten the perception of low ceilings. This technique involves simply directing light upward, much like wall washing distributes light horizontally. It can be made easier by using lampshades that face upward or specific types of directional lightbulbs.

Whereas, Backlighting entails placing lighting behind specific furniture items, such as cabinets, alcoves, displays, screens, and other eye-catching components. This gives the appearance of depth and can make a room appear more intricately planned.

Introduce Track Lights

Another tactic that merits scrutiny is the use of track lighting. These incorporate many of the techniques mentioned above: they are compact, versatile, save space; meeting both specific and general lighting. Not to mention,  these lights are movable, highlighting particular features of the entire room when organised properly.

Apart from the aforementioned tips, adding reflective surfaces and smart lighting solutions with motion sensors, daylight harvesting and remote management can be a good choice for a modern yet contemporary interior design.

Just choose the best luminaires from the top LED manufacturers like Wipro lighting to get quality-assured,  sustainable, energy-efficient, best-in-class LEDs to fulfil different commercial space lighting requirements effortlessly.