Top 10 Things to Do with Friends in Las Vegas

Visiting Las Vegas for the first time can be an overwhelming experience. If you are just getting ready to embark on your first vacation in Sin City, you’ll need a brief guide to help ensure you see the most important sites. Below are the top ten attractions to explore with friends.

1. Take in a Show

Las Vegas has some of the best theaters in the world. You can see wonders such as aerial ballet to modern blues groups. Tickets tend to be plentiful, and many offer two showings per evening. Thus, providing you with numerous options to fit within your schedule.

2. Explore the Nightlife

It would not be a true Vegas experience without enjoying the club scene. Clubs in Las Vegas are often located within many of the larger casinos. Additionally, many local bars provide music and dancing until well after dawn.

Before going out, you may want to strategize with your friends on which bars and clubs may be best. Given the number of clubs in the area, you can feel assured that you can either stay in one venue all night or club hop to get the most out of the experience.

3. The Fremont Street Experience

This is one of the most popular venues because it is free to visit, easy to navigate, and has numerous shopping and dining options. You can visit anytime day or night, but the evening provides exceptionally great views and happenings. Taking pictures in the area is almost a necessity and will leave you with many memories once your vacation concludes.

4. Ride a Gondola

The Venetian is a gorgeous resort with the theme of romantic Venice. As part of its unique offering to visitors, there is a fully formed canal within the hotel filled with gondolas that the public can ride.

Complete with a gondolier that will paddle you around the canal, looking at the splendid shops and scenery. The experience is similar to riding in a gondola in the real Venice and is a definite must for your visit.

5. The Eiffel Tower

With the City of Lights theme, the Paris Hotel has an Eiffel Tower replica with plenty of dining and shopping opportunities. You can even ride in an elevator to the top for exquisite views.

6. Visit the Bellagio Fountains

The Bellagio has an amazing fountain show every day that runs for approximately a half hour. While there are both day and nighttime displays, the evening shows offer spectacular water and light features that are perfect for visiting with friends or with a special someone.

7. The Strip

No trip to Las Vegas would be complete without visiting The Strip. The area is several miles long and encompasses the major hotels and resorts in Las Vegas. Most hotels in the area are themed and provide the good fortune to explore unique exhibits and adventure.

8. Enjoy Fine Art

If you are a museum buff, a trip to Las Vegas would not be complete without visiting some of the city’s most notable artwork. Many casinos and resorts have fine works of art on display ranging from Vincent van Gogh to Pablo Picasso.

9. Explore Old Las Vegas

Before The Strip became synonymous with Las Vegas, there were smaller classic hotels that offered excitement, from gambling to evening performances from the likes of Frank Sinatra.

Visiting the older casinos and resorts can certainly give you a new perspective on Las Vegas and offer a nice piece of history on which to reflect.

10. Grand Canyon Day Trip

While this one is not located quite in Las Vegas, it is a great day trip or partial day excursion. From Las Vegas, you can choose to get on a helicopter with a glass bottom and fly to the Grand Canyon. Some venues even offer the opportunity to have lunch at the bottom of the Grand Canyon!

However, if you have a large group or want more time for leisure, having a day-long excursion with the ability to hike in the area may be just the thing for you and your group of friends!

Enjoy your trip to Las Vegas! May it be the first of many.