8 Best Payment Gateways for High-Risk Business in 2022

Most businesses nowadays require the capability to accept credit cards. Finding the correct merchant account provider is difficult for any business, but it’s considerably more difficult if you’re a high-risk merchant, and that is where a high-risk merchant account enters.

Payment gateways automate the money transfer between the shopper and the merchant while securely delivering transaction data to banks. Payment gateways are used by e-commerce enterprises to protect client information through encryption and to ensure that information is safely moved from the customer to the retailer to the payment processor. Payments are made online as a result of online purchases. The process is convenient and hassle-free. The risks, however, are substantial. Making payments through a risk management solution will protect you from fraudulent purchases.

This article will cover the best 8 payment gateways and their popularity for secure transactions in high-risk industries.

What is a high-risk merchant account?

A high-risk merchant account is one for firms that have high chances of fraud and chargebacks from the processor. The type of the business depends on the owner’s personal credit and business history, and other variables may be considered in this assessment. Since each processor makes its own high-risk assessments, a company may be rated high-risk by one processing but not by another.

Naturally, having your company designated as “high-risk” is upsetting. While particular business categories such as gambling, adult entertainment, bankruptcy legal firms, etc. are almost usually received the label, having low personal credit or a high average ticket sales can also do it. Therefore, there are some secured payment gateways that are considered the proper and best way to high-risk merchant accounts.

What are the best high-risk merchant account, providers?

Several characteristics are shared by the finest high-risk merchant account providers, including honest sales techniques, a transparent onboarding procedure, individualized customer care, and equitable contract terms. Rates and fees will not be as low as those offered by most low-risk providers, but they will be realistic. Some great names are listed below.

  • Paymentcloud:

Payment Cloud specializes in placing high-risk companies, depending on a network of third-party processors, and acquiring banks to get your account accepted. To discover what the organization can provide you, you’ll need to request a pricing estimate, but merchant feedback shows that its charges and rates are pretty affordable. Most importantly, Payment Cloud performs the additional effort needed to accept a high-risk account without costing you any applications or account setup charges.

  • Easy pay direct:

High-risk specialist, Easy Pay Direct’s main product is its unique EPD Gateway. It also provides full merchant accounts for both high-risk and low-risk merchants. High-risk merchants will always pay much higher processing charges and account fees. However, due to the circumstances, the increased cost is totally appropriate. To get started with Easy Pay Direct, you must pay a one-time account setup fee of $99, but there is no early withdrawal fee if you close your account early. We don’t typically favor account establishment fees, but for a high-risk firm, the extra effort involved to ensure your account justifies the cost.

Durango Merchant Services:

Durango Merchant Services is among the earliest and most reputable providers of high-risk merchant services. The organization has a solid reputation for being honest, charging reasonable prices, and providing good customer service. Durango, like nearly all high-risk providers, has a quote-based pricing approach and does not reveal fees or rates on its site. Aside from working with US-based processors and banks, the organization also can fix you up with an offshore merchant account if you require one.

●  Host Merchant Services:

Host Merchant Services is not a high-risk professional. While HMS mainly serves low-risk firms, it also serves a few high-risk company categories. If you can get accepted, its interchange-plus-only price and a wide variety of services and products make it an excellent choice. HMS is a former web hosting provider and is suitable for eCommerce merchants.

●  Soar Payments:

Soar Payments specializes in supplying the high-risk community and offers extremely competitive pricing and conditions to low-risk businesses. Soar provides a limited number of terminals but saves its “free” terminals for low-risk companies. Soar Payments; on the other hand, is primarily focused on eCommerce services. In addition to the Authorize.Net and USAePay payment gateways, it also provides the NMI payment gateway, which can connect with the majority of the major online shopping carts.

SMB Global:

SMB Global is a merchant account provider that specialized in high-risk and offshore enterprises, especially those in the travel industry. For eCommerce retailers, the company provides a full variety of services, including the option of using the NMI Gateway or Authorize.Net. H however It does not currently promote a mobile transaction processing system or credit card terminals for major retailers. SMB Global can establish a merchant account for practically any high-risk firm by utilizing several back-end processors. It has a great reputation for reasonable rates and outstanding customer service.

eMerchant Broker:

eMerchant Broker is one of the industry’s more inclusive high-risk experts, able to place many high-risk enterprises that would otherwise be rejected for an account. However, the company’s increased risk tolerances come at a cost. Even when compared to other high-risk providers, its processing fees and charges are relatively high. At the same time, it provides excellent customer service and has a record for honest sales methods, so you should get a quote from the organization.


PayKings is a trustworthy high-risk specialist. CBD merchants are among the high-risk industries accepted by the organization. The company’s online reviews are mostly positive. However, because there is no complete assessment of PayKings, it can’t draw a true comparison to the seven top-rated suppliers listed above.

Along with the above list, bankcard USA and install is also well known high-risk merchant available in the industry.


All eight of the service providers described in this article are excellent solutions for high-risk merchants. Which one is appropriate for your specific business will be determined by a number of variables, including your processing history, credit history, and as well as in which high-risk business classification you0 fall into.