The Top Mistakes That Damage Your Beard

Beard man

Hair growth is a most natural and slow process. You can cause actual harm to your beards if you blindly follow your beard routine without proper guidance and knowledge. From the olden times, beards were always considered as An overall prestige. Many phrases define beards as a symbol of male dominance.

Beards are considered to be the most attractive facial hair. Besides all, there are many benefits of having beards as it gives protection against winds, any traumatic injury and above all beards are the trends now.

In the fast-running era of the beard trend, having a healthy beard is a dream for every man. Running after the direction, we fail to overlook what are things affecting the fuller growth of your beards, hence mentioning some of them underneath:

Follicle growth

There is no product made that can help you grow new hair follicles on your damp skin. It’s a complete myth that remedies or products can help you develop new hair follicles on your skin where you have no spot for hairs on your cheeks. Here you have something that could make a fundamental difference, VITAMINS. But do beard vitamins actually work? Yes! Some vitamins help you grow your beards to fuller and healthier as using them fulfills the required amount of sebum that your body needs for healthy hair growth. These vitamins help your already grown beards look fuller and attractive.

Trimming when wet

Following old traditions, people usually trim beards when wet, but on a real go, chances of cutting mistakes increases when your hairs are wet as the water in your hair makes them look more straight, making them look longer than usual. Trimming them when your strands are dry gives them more finished cutting as your strands already settle at their place.

Using anything more than the required amount always gives us side effects; the same happens with overwashing beards; the chemical content in the shampoo makes your hair frayed and brittle. Shampooing when your hairs are short is always considered good for hair growth, but once it grows, you need to get back on the count, as the natural body oil takes a long time to nourish them and wash more frequently, stripes off the crude oil off your beards.

Wrong-way of oiling

Oiling is always considered as suitable for hair growth, but oiling beards is not your pick. You should never oil your beards; instead, you should lubricate your skin underneath. Daily usage of beard oil makes your skin healthy and moisturized, leading to a healthier and better beard.

Trimming too often

Mens often complain, ” Beards grow slow,” but the reality seems quite different as men usually turn up trimming their hairs too often to keep them in shape. Perfect beards are every man’s way out to look more attractive, but the same habit can prevent them from adding extra length to their beard. Trimming off wild hairs is okay but do not turn up with serious trimming often.

Avoid plastic comb

Combing is in any way considered suitable for hair growth as it increases blood circulation, but a wrong choice of the comb can do more harm. We strictly need to avoid those plastic combs with broad teeth made up of tiny imperfections that are not very easily visible to naked eyes and can cause much more damage to you. In addition to this, plastic combs usually create a static effect contact with hairs and make them fizzier.

Bathing Bars and Body Washes

The skin of our face is far more sensitive than your body; hence there is always an extra chance of skin damage On the front as compared to the body. Using a bathing bar on your face can leave you with itchy skin, and unhealthy beard growth as these body bars and body washes have high ph-value, and they go harsh on your facial skin and hair.


We are already aware of how smoking can have a tremendous effect on our bodies. But ever heard, it can even affect your hair growth; studies have proved that smoking not only damages your hair follicle but also affects your hair growth. To have a healthy beard, you must avoid excessive smoking.


you may feel this strange at first sight, but yes comparing your beards with others affects your hair growth. Comparing is the least you can do to yourself as nobody observes your hair as closely as you do. Hair growth is an entirely natural process, it is an altogether hormonal-based thing, and we can’t carry the same hormones and genes. What makes your beard unique is the way it is naturally, and this is what makes you stand out from the crowd.

Neglecting proper diet

Besides oils and vitamins, you should thoroughly take care of your daily intake. We must add the required amount of protein and nutrients to our diet. There is much food that helps improve hair growth; adding them to our diet can help your beards groom.


We expect our content to be helpful to you, and you would hopefully consider our tips to have healthier beards.