Top Reasons Why We Absolutely Loved Rajasthan

Loved Rajasthan

The state of Rajasthan has several unique features that set it apart from others in the country. In addition, it is often referred to as the “Land of Kings”. If you are planning a vacation in India, there are certain destinations you should add to your itinerary. The best way to see Rajasthan by road or train is to book tickets with Om travel online and let us help you discover the land that is known for its beauty, history, culture, and tradition. In this blog, we will highlight top reasons why we absolutely loved Rajasthan:

1. Accommodation is great

Whether you are a married couple or going to Rajasthan with friends, you’ll love staying at our exclusive hotel. We have the perfect place for you to stay and make your holiday in Rajasthan more memorable. From elegant rooms and luxurious suites to classy meeting spaces, Rajasthan has one of the finest hotels for accommodation.

If you are dreaming of hot afternoon naps on your hotel rooftop, then this is an ideal place. The service is top class and the cuisine leaves you more than satisfied. You can easily take Udaipur to Mount Abu Taxi.

2. Forts are incredible

Forts are incredible. They capture a time past and a memory of what was. The sense of history, beauty, and romance that exists in and around some of these forts are enough to transport anyone back to the days of yore and make you wish you could live in those days forever.

These forts are pieces of history, reflecting the great to rule over this region. These forts are full of mystery and stories, each one different from the previous one. There are many travel agents who provide Udaipur to Ranakpur Taxi.

3. Explore wildlife

The wildlife of Rajasthan will take your breath away. It is home to India’s last herd of wild tigers and a lot of other animal species that are under threat around the world which is why the sanctuary is really important.

You will also get to see some Indian birds here in the thousands, including hornbills, doves, and peacocks, along with reptiles, and if you are lucky enough then you get to see the Blackbuck—one of the rarest animals in India.  You can even take a Taxi in Udaipur.

4. Castles

There are many historic castles to explore in Rajasthan, built by rulers during the medieval period. These structures are awe-inspiring and a photographer’s paradise with their beautiful facades of bright sandstone carved excellently within the walls; which are also replete with artistic murals and carvings were done by the artisans of that time.

5. Rajasthani art and folk dance

When you mention India, the first image that pops into your head is usually of a bustling city with a vibrant culture. However, this is far from the truth. In spite of being one of the largest countries in the world, India offers so much more than just that. The state of Rajasthan sits in the North-western part of India and can be considered as one of the world’s ‘cultural melting pots‘. The architecture and art of this region is something that everyone should experience someday in their lifetime.

6. Delicious Food

Being a foodie is equivalent to being a travel addict. Food on the road is what makes every tour special, no matter how boring the destination might be. So, when in Rajasthan, as it is known for its delicious cuisine and mouthwatering biryanis and curries you can cook up a treat in the comfort of your own room.

There is a lot in Rajasthan to see, both historically and naturally. Its palaces are home to a wealth of artistic and craft objects, its forts hold stories of historic battles, and its temples showcase some incredible architecture. When you get tired of all that, you can also just eat your heart out, because every meal will be an absolute feast for your taste buds!

7. Scenic Lakes

Visiting Rajasthan for the first time is a jaw-dropping experience. The variety of places to visit, people, and events make every visiting experience unique. Each place has its own story to tell, each person has his/her own story to narrate and each event creates a unique impression on your mind. If you ask the locals and tourists why do they love Rajasthan and come back repeatedly, they will tell you that there are so many reasons behind this unconditional love. Every corner of the state is beautiful.

Like everything in this world, Rajasthan too has its share of beauty that turns it into a hot tourist destination in India. People will love to visit every city in this eastern state. The best part about the state is that each city has features that make it unique from others. For example, Jaipur is known for its wide range of colors and ornaments, Jodhpur is distinguished with its exquisite architecture, Ajmer is popular for its serenity. Mount Abu is known as heaven on earth. Pushkar has temples on the water body.

8. Shopping in Markets

We loved the vibrant bazaars where we saw colorful, glittery fabrics. We loved that not all shops had raised entrances, so you didn’t have to worry about tripping over. We loved the big box stores which had everything we could imagine wanting to buy. However, perhaps, most of all, we loved that instant rush of adrenaline when you spotted a bargain.


Rajasthan is one of the most beautiful states in India and has a lot to tell its visitors. The magnificence of Rajasthan is not limited to palaces, forts, museums, monuments, and the famous Thar Desert but it also includes the colorful culture of Rajasthan. It is not necessary to visit all these by your personal car; you can travel from place to place in Rajasthan via special-purpose buses that are generally known as Rajasthan Tour Packages or Rajasthan Travel Packages.

We’ve been left in awe and speechless by the beautiful Rajasthan, the food, the culture, the spirit of India, and of course those people. We’ve discovered a magnificence that has spread happiness to our hearts and we’re positive this same feeling will be present in you once you visit it.