A clogged drain is one of the most annoying things and the last thing anyone wants to happen in their homes or commercial buildings! Isn’t it?

Roof drains are out of sight and, most often, out of mind. Drains always seem to clog in the most awkward situations. No matter what the reason for the blockage is, you need to take immediate action whenever it happens.

A roof doesn’t always leak because of some issue in the roof itself, but from clogged roof drains. Over the years, a flat roof drain can become clogged with leaves, bird nests, weeds, and debris.

Though flat roofs are designed with a slight slope to direct water towards the drains, the issue is that roof debris also tends to go in the same direction as the water flows, and slowly the debris finds its way inside the drain and clogs it.

With lots of benefits of a flat roof, there is one major disadvantage of the same; Potential clogging of roof drains! What if I tell you that you can evade clogged drains with very minimal effort? YES! You can do this by keeping a few simple and super easy things in mind.

One of the simplest ways to prevent clogged drains is regular maintenance of the clogged drain! Clever, eh?

Wait! This one step will not be enough to protect your drain from clogging. You need to follow some other steps to keep your flat roof drain clear.

  1. Adopt a proactive approach.

I think most of us will agree with this!! We assume that our flat roof drains are operating normally till the time they get chocked!!! Even if there are no trees around your premises, there are chances that leaves can land in the very spot, as leaves usually blow long distances and accumulate on the rooftop edges and corners of the premises.

You need to inspect your roof drain every three months. Hire professional flat roof repair contractors to inspect your roof. They come once in 3-4 months to check your roof for the most common reasons for clogging of drains, such as poor drainage, high winds, a puncture in the roof membrane, and any other structural damage to the roof.

  1. Use a plumber’s snake or drain snake.

A drain snake is one of the most important tools you’ll need to unclog your drain. A plumber’s snake can reach farther into the gutter or drain than you can see. If the obstruction isn’t at the surface, the snake may be able to push it.

Still, if the obstruction seems stubborn enough to keep clogging the drain and your roof is also leaking, you might need to call a flat roof repair company. They will give you a high-quality, longer-lasting solution to manage your roof-related stress.

  1. Apply water pressure

Another possible way to clear the blockage in the drain is to use water pressure. Feed the water hose into the clogged drain until it stops. Turn the pipe on at full power till the water pressure release the clog.

If you notice that the problem is still not resolved, call an expert commercial roof repair contractor. They will use high-tech equipment and the latest technology not just to install or repair your commercial roof but also to clear the choked drain.

Why do we need to hire an experienced commercial roof repair company?

Though many individuals adopt a DIY approach to fix roof leakage or clogged drain issue, seeking professional help has its own importance. Professionals have access to the right tools, the right material, and above all, experience in handling different roof leakage issues.

A commercial roof is an important part of a commercial structure as it protects your structure from damaging elements and harsh climatic conditions. It improves building aesthetics and saves energy.

It’s a great idea to consider hiring professional flat roof repair contractors. Read below to know why I am saying this-

  • Colorado commercial roof repair experts work tirelessly till the time they fix your leaking issue and will try to resolve the problem as quickly as possible so that your fruitful time can be saved.
  • A professional flat roof repair company will offer you a warranty on the roofing materials or other materials that they have used to resolve clogged drain issues. They offer a warranty as they use high-quality and long-lasting solutions.
  • You may fail to identify the root cause of the roof leakage or to find the reason for the clogged drain. Still, when you hire a commercial roof repair contractor, they will perform a deep investigation to know the exact cause of the problem and will choose the solution appropriately.
  • Various accidents can happen during roof installation and repair when you choose the DIY approach. In contrast, Colorado commercial roof repair experts use safety gear that enables them to offer you safe services that further provide you peace of mind.

Final Words

Once the drains become blocked or clogged, you need to take quick action to get them repaired; otherwise, it can cause multiple problems, including damage to the roof. It also creates a suitable environment for insects, mold, and moss growth. Thus, if you have a flat roof leakage or clogged drain, contact a professional flat roof repair company for instant help.


John Dillard works as a Marketing Manager for JeffCo & Beyond, a flat roof repair company in Colorado that specializes in flat roof repair options and roof coatings. He also offers no-obligation roof damage assessment and estimates for commercial roof repair costs in Winter Park.