Top 6 Reasons to Buy Lab Grown Diamonds for Your Engagement

Engagement rings are important for both the receiver and the giver. It reflects a commitment toward each other and serves as a symbol of love. Because natural diamonds are in great demand due to their scarcity, people now choose lab-grown diamonds.

So, what are lab grown diamonds? Are they worth buying? Lab diamonds are manmade diamonds that come with plenty of benefits. Besides, they have grown in popularity in recent years and people consider them a substitute for mined diamonds. Let’s discuss some of the reasons why you should invest in a lab diamond.

  1. Lab diamonds are the real deal

Lab Made diamonds look similar to real diamonds. Both of them are pure crystallized forms of carbon. Moreover, both mined and lab-created diamonds have the same physical, optical, and chemical properties.

It requires the same temperature and pressure as naturally occurring diamonds to create a lab diamond. Although lab-created diamonds look like real diamonds, some of the alternatives are not.

For example, Moissanite and Cubic Zirconia have amazing sparkle and many people love them. However, they are neither optically nor chemically similar to real diamonds. Besides, they are less expensive as well.

  1. Lab diamonds have a small environmental impact

Because a lab diamond isn’t mined, they are better for the environment. Diamond mining causes significant damage to the ecosystem. There is no denying that diamond mines are large manmade holes on Earth.

And, they impact the ecological system to a great extent. Whereas, a controlled environment helps create lab diamonds that have a minimal environmental impact.

  1. Lab diamonds are conflict-free

Mined diamonds are notoriously famous for funding different types of rebellions and wars in Africa. Apart from that, certain ethical issues such as human rights violations, child labor, poor working conditions, and fair wages encircle natural diamonds.

Therefore, lab-created diamonds eliminate these humanitarian and ethical issues. In addition, the supply chain for mined diamonds is long. The origin of a mined diamond is hard to trace compared to a lab-grown diamond.

As such, you don’t know whether or not the diamonds are purchased ethically. But when you buy lab diamonds, you can tell about their origin.

  1. Lab diamonds are affordable

Whether you intend to buy a high-quality or bigger lab diamond, you can get one at a much lesser price than a real diamond. Clarity, cut, carat, or customizing a lab-grown diamond is affordable. Typically, lab diamonds could be 40% less expensive than mined diamonds regardless of the same quality.

However, because they are less expensive doesn’t mean that lab diamonds aren’t worthy. Each of them is developed from a small grain of real diamond in a controlled environment using a specialized method.

  1. Lab diamonds are stylish

Lab diamonds offer a variety of design options like real diamonds. That way, you can have them in different settings and shapes. You can opt for traditional designs such as the oval, cushion, princess, or round. Still, if you want more trendy designs such as heart, emerald, pear, or marquise, lab diamonds can provide you with endless possibilities.

Lab-created diamonds are extremely popular in recent years. People are looking for affordable, conflict-free diamonds for their engagement rings that look like real diamonds. With lab diamonds, you get what you seek. In short, diamonds created in labs are stylish, unique, and come at reasonable prices.

  1. Lab diamonds are perfect for daily use

No wonder, lab-created diamonds give you everything that you want to achieve. Besides, they are great for everyday use. A lab diamond reflects your personality in several ways and gives you enough scope to express yourself. In addition, they are highly durable and easy to maintain.

For example, you can complete your look for a corporate event just by wearing a pair of studs. Or, you can add something colorful because lab diamonds are available in a handful of colors as well. If you want the feel and look of a real diamond at a reasonable price, you should buy lab-grown diamonds.

Are lab diamonds worth it?

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