Now you Can Color your Eyelashes


We all are slowly returning back to our social lives. Are you thinking of pushing your makeup game a few notches up? But upping your makeup game would involve a lot of time and money? Borrowing a few beauty hacks from those who know it all can, therefore, save you both time and money, while giving you that stunner’s edge.

Eyelash tinting will totally change your makeup game.

Not sure how to master eyelash coloring at home? We will tell you all about some terrific home lash tint techniques. Coloring your eyelashes adds definition to your eye area making your eyes look more attractive and alert. The most wondrous thing about eyelash tinting is that it also enables you to opt for that makeup-free look that saves precious time when you head out.

So, how to start with a home lash tint? Well, below is our complete guide that reveals all the information including the pros and cons of lash tinting at home. Plus, at the end, we will also show you how to color your lashes step by step at home like a pro so that you can stun your world.

How long does an eyebrow henna tint last?

A henna eyebrow henna tint can last up to 3 to 6 weeks. For other eyelash tints, it would depend upon factors like your natural hair growth cycle, texture of your lash hair, the quality of the tint product and your exposure to chlorine or sunlight. All these factors fade your color faster.

Is eyelash tinting bad for your eyelashes?

No. It’s absolutely safe and has no harmful effects if the treatment is carried out with care and proper guidelines mentioned in the package. You must do a patch test before applying the tint to ensure that there is no skin sensitivity and no harm can be caused to your eyes.

What does an eyelash tint actually do?

An eyelash tint is a long-term solution to add color to your lash and to enhance the lashes naturally. You will be surprised to find how a tint brings perfect definition to your upper and lower lashes. Lashes naturally start to appear thicker and longer.

Can I tint my eyelashes at home?

Yes. You can. You just have to master some DIY beauty hacks. If you don’t like to wear mascara or if you apply it every day and you are sick of it, you can definitely color your eyelashes at home to frame and define your eyes in the most stunning ways possible.

Eyelash colors are available in different shades. You can experiment with different shades. If you regularly apply black mascara, you can opt for black eyelash tint, and if you have light lashes and wear a clear mascara you can opt for dark brown or any other color.

Both men and women are in the lash tint trend these days.

Step-by-step guide on how to tint your lashes at home, safely

  1. Always Do a Patch Test before

A patch test is necessary keeping in mind the safety of your skin and eyes. Patch test should be taken 48 hours before the actual application. Even if you opt for a professional hair or lashes tinting you still need to do a patch test.

Simply apply the tint behind your ears and keep it for 48 hours to see if the skin becomes red and/ or irritable. If nothing happens, the tint is good to go for you.

  1. Remove All Eye Makeup

A makeup removal product or a face cleanser that suits you best and is gentle on your skin and eyes will help you to remove all makeup residues between your lashes. Any makeup residue left can ruin your tinting process.

3. Customise the Wand

Lash tinting kits always come with a wand, just like a mascara for coloring your eyelashes. You just have to gently bend this wand at a 90 degree angle. This will make the whole process less messy and a lot easier. You can tightly grip the wand for application.

  1. Apply the color

When applying the color over your eyelashes with the wand, coat all your hair properly and brush the product thoroughly on both the sides, under and on top of your lashes. If you twist your hand slightly, while applying the eyelash tint, you will get a fuller and better coverage of each of your lashes.

5. Home lash tint timings

Eyelashes look best when colored dark. And to achieve such dark, stunning colors on your lashes, keep a record of your timings and start the timer as soon as the last eye is done.

  1. Target those tips

Here comes the final tip, but the most important one to do a home lash tint like a pro. Focus on coloring the ends of your eyelashes minutely. Make sure that even the tiniest part of your eyelash tips are covered, as these are the most exposed parts to the sun, which lose colour the fastest.

Do you have more queries on this topic? Feel free to contact us with your comments below and our experts will guide you on how to get your lash tinting at home done like a pro.