Luxury Fashion Trends For 2021

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2020 was a right off, it was a difficult year for us all and we couldn’t wait to see the end of it. Now, 2021 is here and we are now starting to see a bit of normality. Bars are letting people into their premises, and we are all looking forward to the summer weather where we can dress in our best outfits, feel good about ourselves and meet up with friends and family.

The pandemic brought many different trends throughout the year such as exercising at home and wearing a suit jacket on top and pyjama bottoms were the norm. It’s safe to say that not everyone has been too bothered with how they look throughout lockdown, so it has been hard to see any real fashion trends in 2020. We’re now in 2021 and we are now starting to see certain trends staying, some are developing and some are going completely. In this article, we will go through some of the biggest luxury fashion trends to be looking out for and following in 2021.

Online Drops

Fast Fashion is here and there is no scope for it ending any time soon. Luxury brands are now moving their efforts to provide online drops to keep with trends and be relevant. This means rather than marketing new items on the line seasonally, they are now moving to monthly so they can meet current demands no matter how unsustainable this is and is going to be a huge deterrent for many conscious shoppers.

Luxury brands are now creating huge hype over these new releases on Instagram and other social media platforms before the product goes live on sale. Brands really try to get their audience excited and encourage people to start getting in the queue by having countdown clocks. Some luxury brands are already achieving this such as Supreme and Burberry whilst others are now adapting to follow this trend.

Combining Luxury With Sustainable

Well, vintage styles will still be making an appearance in 2021 but not as you may think. Many people are not just concentrating on their clothing and shoes but also their accessories. With more people wanting to shop more consciously, it is pushing luxury brands to start doing the same, they are now looking at new innovative ways in which we can be more sustainable but whilst also using beautiful materials and treating workers equally. Other trends in sustainable luxury items are trends like vintage jewellery which is making a huge appearance in 2021. More people are now starting to move toward the used jewellery as they can get more value for their money whilst also getting better quality items.

Virtual Assistants

Lockdown brought the power of Zoom and now luxury brands have identified a gap in the market that can be filled pretty easily and quickly. Virtual assistants are becoming a new trend that will be here to stay for luxury eCommerce. Two main brands are doing this very well as Net-A-Porter has expanded their team with 100 new personal shoppers so they can be paired with loyal customers to get the best out of their budgets. Gucci is also another brand that is now adopting this method so they can style their customers in the comfort of their own home.

The Power Of Social Media Is Real

High-end consumers are continuing to try and find new and innovative ways to boost their exposure on social media. With TikTok being the favourite social media platform in 2021, it’s no wonder that more brands are trying to become more intimate with their customers and are trying to build relationships in more personable ways and channels that tie their beliefs whilst also posting meaningful, life-enhancing connections.

Another big trend to come out of social media are new forms of shopping such as Instagram and Snapchat where you can now purchase products on these platforms. It is going to be a completely new marketplace when most brands will be adopting these methods and will then become more fluid with each other. For brands to carry this trend on, luxury brands need to create unique experiences which keep their customers engaged such as Burberry and their social retail store.

What Next?

Young shoppers are the biggest trendsetters and also the largest source of income for the luxury brand market, so it only makes sense that we put our effort into seeing what drives these younger generations so that it can bring more money for the brands.

If other brands start to follow with more sustainable materials we will start to see a whole change in the fashion industry for the better whilst also being able to keep with some other trends.