Learning How to Surf: 10 Tips for the Whole Family

A great way to stay fit and have fun in the water, surfing is an activity you and your entire family can enjoy. Yet before all of you hit the waves, you need to know how to make surfing enjoyable and safe. To help with this, here are 10 tips to keep in mind when learning how to surf.

Use a Soft-Top Board

Invariably, you’ll get hit by your surfboard. Yet with a soft-top version, the hits won’t hurt very much, and they won’t result in serious injuries.

Surf Around Other People

Along with being safer, surfing around others means you’ll be in a spot that has good waves.

Master the Pop-Up

On the beach, get on your board and practice the pop-up. Similar to a push-up, it will be critical to your success.

Take Classes

Since learning to surf can feel complex and impossible at times, learn from experienced surfers by taking classes through a surf school like Aqua Surf. You’ll learn proper techniques, be able to ask lots of questions, and feel more confident when you hit the water with your board.

Do the Stingray Shuffle

As you’re walking back to the beach, shuffle your feet while you’re in the water. By doing so, you reduce the risk of stepping on and getting stung by a stingray.

Locate the Sweet Spot

When paddling on your board, do so toward the middle of it, rather than too far front or back. The middle is the sweet spot where you’ll be able to gain speed and have more control of your board.

Stay Perpendicular

When paddling out to sea, stay perpendicular as you go through the whitewash. If you don’t, you’ll get pushed back toward shore.

Take One More Paddle

Once you feel your board being lifted up by a wave, take one more paddle. This will give you a bit more power, letting you drop down on the wave and look like a pro surfer.

Don’t be a Hunchback

When you’re on a wave, don’t be a hunchback. Instead, bend your knees so that you’ll have better balance.

Fall Flat and Flop

When you fall off your board, do so by falling flat and letting yourself flop into the water. If you dive off headfirst or jump off feet first, you may get injured.

Enjoy yourself while surfing. Even if you think you look foolish initially, remember that world-class surfers were once in the same position. If you take these tips to heart, you and your family will soon be riding the waves and looking cool while doing so.