How to Teach Your Children to Brush & Floss?


It is very essential to teach your kid to have very good dental hygiene at an early stage. You need to tell him the exact way to brush and floss his teeth. A disease of the childhood that is very common is dental decay and it is necessary for the parents to know about it. For good development of the permanent teeth a very good role is played by the baby teeth. But if dental decay affects the baby teeth, then it can create problems for your kid in the future. Now I am going to tell you how to teach your children to brush and floss.

What is the right time to start brushing your kid’s teeth?

When your kid is born then a few days after this you have to implement a routine of oral hygiene. When he feeds then just after this you have to wipe his gums with a washcloth or wet gauze. Along with this it is also necessary that everyday at least two times you brush his teeth with a toothbrush having soft bristles when his first tooth appears. You have to continue this up to a time when your kid learns brushing his teeth. If your kid misses brushing any area of your mouth then you need to be very careful about that. You have to prevent him from swallowing the toothpaste and for that you need to remind him again and again. Ensure yourself that your kid uses the toothpaste in the right amount. These are some areas that need your supervision.

What are the ways of brushing the teeth of your kid?

You need to follow the five steps to brush the teeth of your kid:

  1. Take toothpaste in the right amount – If your kid is 3 or more years old then take toothpaste in the amount of a pea size and if he is less than 3 years old then take toothpaste in the amount of a rice size.
  2. At 45 degrees angle you need to use the toothbrush – In the direction of the lower teeth and upper teeth’s gums you need to apply the toothbrush.
  3. In the form of strokes that are of tooth size a back-and-forth gentle movement of the brush is necessary – In the teeth’s chewing surfaces, exterior and interior surfaces, you have to continuously use this technique.
  4. For brushing the front teeth it is necessary that in a vertical position you are placing the toothbrush – You need to ensure that in the back and front you are cleaning the teeth.
  5. For removing the bacteria from the tongue you need to brush it.

Preventing tooth decay and removing plaque in your kid’s teeth is possible if everyday at least two times you brush his teeth for two minutes.


What are the ways to make brushing the teeth of your kid full of enjoyment?

  • Give him some reward – If you want to motivate your kid for brushing then you can allow him to select the board game for the family, tell him some more stories during the night. These rewards will make him happy and he can do brushing with full fun.
  • Allow your kid to choose – If your kid’s favorite character is present on the toothpaste at the shop then go for purchasing that toothpaste or toothbrush. By doing this your kid will take interest in brushing a lot.
  • You can play certain games – At the time of brushing you can encourage your kid with the music by taking help of mobile apps. At the time of toothbrushing you can include a fun element with the apps, games and props.
  • You can sing at the time of brushing – If at the time of brushing your kid’s teeth you sing their favorite songs then this can make the activity full of fun and enjoyment.
  • Let the kids take inspiration for brushing after seeing you brushing your teeth – Always brush your teeth in front of your kids so that they also try to do so. Any activity that parents do is learnt by toddlers quickly.

When your kid starts growing and when all his teeth appear then along with brushing, you need to teach him to floss his teeth so as to remove the plaque that accumulates between teeth and gums.

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