How to Increase Productivity While Working from Home

Most employees don’t like working at home because of the destruction and lack of proper tools. Sometimes working from home is unavoidable. For example, at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, employees were forced to work from home. Below are tips that can help you work at home and produce the same results as in the workplace.

●  Create an At-Home Office

Working at home can be a comfort. You will find yourself working from your bed or your couch, and you may end up sleeping. This will make you underproductive.

You want to create a space that will allow you to focus. Find a room with a desk and chair that tells your mind its work time. You will be more organized if you create your little office at home with consistent workplace tools, a spacious desk, and a supportive chair. Try to make your office as comfortable as possible because you will be spending a lot of time there.

●  Separate Work Time and Personal Time

It is important to work when you have a plan and don’t extend it until it interferes with your time. Keeping your work life and personal life compartmentalized will help you stay productive during work hours.

For example, if you like spending time with your family in the evening, don’t check your emails or do anything concerning work during this time, because your concentration and attention will be elsewhere.

●  Plan Your Workflow

It would be best if you were brilliant when planning your workflow at home. Before you start working, make sure you know your priorities work for the day, how long it will take to work on them, and which task you will summarize in any extra time. There are many productivity tips out there that will help you stay on track to get as much work done during the day as possible.

It would be best to plan your work to make sure you don’t forget any critical tasks. When planning, you should consider things like doing the highest priority task first, planning your schedules around when you are most energetic, and don’t forget to add a break to your schedules to reduce fatigue during working. This will increase your focus and reduce destruction.

● Limit Distractions

When working at home, you can face a lot of distractions from your children, pets, and other people around you. It is not easy to avoid all of them but try to limit them as much as possible. These disruptions can reduce your productivity.

For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, most companies and organizations shifted jobs to home, schools were closed, and there was a lockdown where everyone was at home for months. In such a home environment is not easy because there are many disruptions.

To reduce this inconvenience, try to implement some boundaries with kids and don’t allow people at your workplace. You can even close the door if your home office has it.

● Break Up the Day

Breaks are essential. They will make you reset yourself and make sure your mind is well prepared for the next job. During a break, make sure you wake up from your seat, get fresh air, eat a few snacks, and talk to people next to you if they are available.

In 2011, research showed that workers who took short breaks were more consistent, and their job performance was high compared to those who did not have breaks. Breaks should last 15 or 20 minutes after every three to four hours.

●  Keep Regular Work Hours

When working from home, it is important to have a regular schedule for yourself. This will help you know when you are supposed to start working, take a break and call it a day. This regular schedule should be able to account yourself to your boss.

Your regular work hour should consider the following; – time of the day when you are most productive, a suitable time to communicate with your coworkers and customers. Lastly, your regular time should be in between times your boss needs you.

●  Take Care of Yourself

Make sure you eat well, eat enough food so that you don’t stop working in the middle of a task because of anger. When you feel exhausted, call it a day and continue the following day. Do not overwork yourself. Make sure you do some workouts to keep your body strong and healthy. A healthy body is virtual to your mind working. And lastly, do not stay indoors throughout the day. Try to breathe fresh air and burst into the sun for a few minutes during your break time.


Shifting from workplace to home is not easy. You will find out that the home environment is so challenging. But the above tips will help you quickly adapt and make working from home more convenient.