5 Unique Family Vacations that Don’t Involve Flying

The holidays are right around the corner, which means it’s time to take that well-deserved family vacation. Traveling with the whole family can prove to be a tedious task. Flights can be even more overwhelming, especially when there are kids involved. You might run into some challenges along the way that will rob the joy of your vacation mood. As an alternative, you can decide to tick your favorite destinations off your bucket list without having to go through the hustle of getting on flights.

Without further ado, here are five unique family vacations that don’t involve flying for you to try out.

Take a Family Cruise

Fantastic cruise holidays are an adventure that your family will enjoy. More recently, cruise lines have been taking an interest in family-friendly packages. Some cruise ships have a family-oriented specialty that offers supervised activities and experiences for kids and teens. This means that adults can finally take their shoes off and relax without worrying if their kids are in danger. Family cruises are also a good way to cut costs as it is much cheaper. The cruise rate typically involves all the costs, including onboard meals and drinks, activities, entertainment, and events held on the ship. This means that no one will have to worry so much about who needs to pay every single bill. That’s not all; you might also be at an advantage of special promotions that happen every year. These promotions often offer free cruises for kids under a certain age, with a special lot being offered to cruise through their holiday at a discounted price.

Car Camping

Camping adventures are a great way for families to travel and create new memories during vacations. All you need is to prepare accordingly with the right gear and fun routes that your family will enjoy. Car tent camping with Hutch Tents is a low-cost form of independent travel that will allow you to explore different locations. You can turn your car into a cozy and convenient place to spend your holiday days. Mobile car camping is a great way for kids to see the world and learn valuable lessons along the way. Do not forget to pack a portable fan to wade away the heat when it gets a bit too warm in the car.

Road Trip

What could be better than a fun road trip enjoying the scenery on your way to your destination? Family road trips are fun-filled experiences involving fun games such as ‘I spy,’ card games, and singing games. Going on a family road trip is an excellent way to bond with each other. You can involve your kids every step of the way, from planning. Be sure to prepare in advance and shop for enough food and drinks for the family to ensure comfort. Road tripping through different locations is also a great way to expose your children to various cultures, thus expanding their interests and curiosity.

Book a Family Tour

Family tours are a great way to enjoy a long-deserved break. Holiday companies have plenty of family package offers that are specifically tailored to suit the needs of every member, including your kids. Family tours also include a well-planned itinerary of activities and destinations to lessen the hassle you might go through when planning a trip by yourself. Holiday companies and travel agencies also put the safety and enjoyment of the children first. You can trust that they will pick out tours that include children’s activities and dining options. That’s not all; family tours are also cost-friendly as they offer packages that cover accommodation, dining, and activities at a fixed price.

Enjoy a Train Ride

You might not know it, but train vacations are a fun way to enjoy your holiday. Trains have a sense of charm and nostalgia that your family will get to enjoy as you cruise through natural scenery. Enjoy this adventure as you dine in train coaches and tell stories with your children in tow. Train rides are the most fun way to experience attractions on the road and explore the surroundings, mostly historical sites that tell stories of the past.

People have begun to move away from the regular family vacations that involve spending hours or even days flying to their favorite destination. The above ideas are a great way to make memories more special and unique.