How to Choose the Right Banquet Hall

If you wish to hold your reception at a luxurious banquet hall then there are many things you need to consider; for example, you need to determine if other events will be taking place on the day of your event. You will also need to look into the maximum capacity of the venue as you do not want to have to turn away any of your guests.

There are many things to take into consideration before you choose the perfect banquet hall, as we shall see in this article.

Do they have a preferred vendor list?

A preferred vendor list is a vetted list of companies used by the venue. It is an exclusive list used by the banquet hall and they will not usually venture outside this list. This could be an issue if you have a particular vendor in mind. However, if you do not wish to research outside suppliers then using a preferred vendor list will save you quite a bit of time. In any event, you will want to be at ease with their approved vendor list before you proceed any further.

What is the accurate maximum capacity?

Every venue has its own unique maximum capacity. Your budget, floor plan and guest list will all be directly impacted by the venue’s maximum capacity, so getting an accurate number is a must. For example, the venue may be beautiful and classy but it may be too small to accommodate all of the guests on your guest list. In such an event you will need to determine what is more important to you: quality or quantity?

Do they supply rentals?

Talking to a wedding planner could help you save a lot of money. You should also talk to the venue representative to determine if they supply rentals. For example, are glassware, chairs, linens and tables included in their fee?

If they are unable to provide everything you need then you will have to rent certain items from another business. However, if they do provide everything that you need under one roof then you will probably save time and money.

Also, take the time to assess the furniture in person. In some cases, the quality of the furniture provided may not meet your standards. You may need to rent higher quality furniture in some cases which will put a dent in your budget.

What kind of aesthetic features does the hall include?

They say image is everything, and studies have shown that a person will form an impression of someone, or something, within 4 seconds. If you want your event to be memorable for all the right reasons, then you should go for features that stand out.

An outdoor garden, for example, may be something to look for if you wish to hold your event outside. A grand foyer can also be a highlight of the event if you want your guests to enjoy a lavish evening affair.

You should also ask the banquet hall representative if they provide a catering facility in order to make things more convenient for you and your guests. In most cases, a typical banquet hall will have most of its decor already integrated into the hall. You can save time and expense by simply making a few complementary touches to enhance the existing hall.

The quest for the perfect venue may be time-consuming and tedious, but it is usually worth the effort in the end.  After all, good things come to those who wait, so being patient may allow you to find the venue of your dreams.

What are the cancellation policies?

You should go over the cancellation policy before you sign anything. Failure to read between the lines may cause chaos in the future. Unfortunately, bad things can happen, so you will need to make sure that you can recoup any losses should you, or the venue, need to cancel at the last minute.

Go over the policy and its terms and conditions carefully. Be open and transparent about your needs and concerns with the relevant authorities. If you feel uncomfortable at any time or if they are giving your ambiguous answers then it is best to look for another venue.

What about amenities?

There must be ample, convenient parking for all guests. You do not want your guests to spend several minutes driving around in order to find a parking space, nor do you want them to have to walk 3 or 4 blocks to get to the hall. Bathrooms must also be easily accessible for everyone.

Wheelchair ramps and other facilities should be provided where necessary to ensure that all your guests, regardless of their physical limitations, are able to enjoy the occasion. If you decide to hold your event during the fall or winter then a coat check would be useful to reduce the risk of lost or stolen belongings. If you are planning on hosting a wedding then it would be convenient for the banquet hall to provide a bridal suite so that wardrobe changes can be made if needed.

What about A/V equipment?

Most banquet halls will provide the basics as far as A/V necessities are concerned. However, it’s as well to check. Speak to a representative to ensure that they will meet all of your A/V needs. You may discover that you will have to supply all of the microphones and speakers yourself, which will add to your costs as well as requiring you to get the equipment from another supplier.

Do Not Compromise

The banquet hall must meet all of your needs without compromise. You deserve the best and so do your guests. If the hall is unable to accommodate all of your needs, while working within your strict budget, then seek out a banquet hall that will. There will likely be dozens, if not hundreds, of other halls to choose from, depending on where you live.