How to Choose the Perfect Stool for Your Bar Counter

Perfect Stool for Your Bar Counter

Bar stools are just suitable for both residential and commercial settings. Besides bars, the stools are being widely used in homes with kitchens as they tend to add the element of freshness to traditional seating arrangements.

Bar stools are compact, save space (as they get tucked in under the counter), provide elevated seating and are available in a wide variety of types and styles.

This blog discusses the different bar stool types and how to purchase ideal bar chairs online with convenience.

Types of Bar Stools

If you know what different bar stool types are available in the market, it would be easier to make a sound decision. The following are the different bar stool styles that you can purchase for your home:

Swivel Bar Stool

These bar stools are fun, as their seats twist while the legs remain stationary. In addition, they offer convenience in the form that you can sit on them and turn towards anybody talking to you. This way, they make interactions easy. You can have conversations with your guests in another seating area or can even turn towards the television to enjoy your favourite sport, movie or anything else you like.

One with Footrests

Many people don’t like their feet dangling while sitting on elevated seats. If you also belong to this category, bar stools with footrests are what you should be searching for. In addition to this, this type of bar stool helps people of different heights sit comfortably. You can enjoy drinks, meals and long conversations comfortably while sitting on bar stools with footrests.

With Armrests

If you desire more comfort and convenience, you can buy bar chairs online that come with armrests. They might not look as unique and classy as barstools, but these bar chairs with back and armrests can be ideal for your family and friends coming over. Such stools are also perfect if space demands a formal appeal.


If it’s a small space, then backless bar chairs would be the best choice for you. This is because they are small and easily glide under the table or bar counter to save space when not in use. They are less comfortable than the ones with back and armrests but are functional for small spaces.

Low Back

These bar stools with a low back provide comfort and support while maintaining the appearance of traditional seats. These can also be a good choice for small spaces, as the low back also tends to tuck beneath counters.

Tips on Choosing Bar Stools

Now that you know different bar stool types, here are some tips on choosing the ones that are just perfect for your home and your requirements.

Choose a Height

While buying bar stools online in India, you have to keep their height in mind. We have discussed different heights of bar stools, low back, high back and backless above. Keeping your comfort preferences, space size and counter type in mind, you can choose a height that best fits your requirements.

How Many

Before you purchase bar stools, don’t forget to measure the space and counter length. You should only order the number that seems to fit across the kitchen island or bar counter comfortably. There is no point in placing surplus bar stools only to make people sitting on them uncomfortable.

Frame Material

Barstool material has to be carefully chosen, as it matters a lot. It would help if you kept in mind all the pros and cons of every material option. For example, wooden frame bar stools look elegant, are sturdy and complement almost every décor. Metal framed seats are best for indoors, their sleek design suits small spaces, and they have a unique industrial look. On the other hand, light yet sturdy rattan bar stools give a bohemian and coastal feel. They can serve you for way too long if you take good care. You can also pick upholstered stools for providing a formal and sophisticated look to your kitchen or bar area.

Count on Reliable Sellers

Whether you visit offline stores or intend to buy bar chairs online, you must find a reliable seller. If you rely on a reputed and well-established provider of bar stools, you would have myriad choices. Additionally, you can have your mental peace and satisfaction knowing that you are counting on a leading name, and everything you get would maintain the quality standards. Finally, you can browse their collections right from the confines of your home, follow an easy ordering procedure and wait to receive your order at your doorsteps.

Bar stools offer a unique and innovative seating option. They are not just meant to be used at bar counters but also in the kitchens and other corners of a home.