Why Brochures Are Effective Marketing Tools

In an era when the digitally-driven world has started stalking audiences, brands are leaving no stone unturned to keep revolving around their prospects round the clock. And, people are craving a much-needed break from their advertising pop-ups, push notifications, and ad bombardment!

Undoubtedly, digital marketing is of utmost significance. But it has led people to switch from one brand to another frequently. So, the competition is fierce, which has also reduced the average attention span. In a world of shrinking attention spans, how will you catch your target audience’s attention and compel them to reach you?

Well, the answer is — through brochure! 

Running a marketing campaign through a well-designed brochure is an effective strategy. You can hand it to your potential customers after talking to them. Also, brochures are more inexpensive to distribute than running online ads on various platforms. 

Here, we have curated a list of reasons that make brochures an effective marketing tool.

Easily Reach Your Target Audience

Brochures are well-designed booklets that inform people about what you do or who you are as a brand. Advertisers usually hand them to their prospects in person at meetings, concerts, networking events, and more. This distribution means you can target your audiences willing to know your business.

As brochures are tangible material, you can distribute them personally. They prove cost-effective, and you can customize them as per your needs. When people get your brochures, they quickly understand that it’s all about your business. Consider takeaway menus that people slide through your door. If you are not planning to cook, these menus come in handy to decide what to eat and where to order from. People who leave these menus in front of your door know that you are within their serviceable zone.

So, their purpose of targeting customers gets materialized once they pick up their menu, read it, and decide to order on any given day.

Tangible interaction 

Another perk of brochures is that people can touch them, feel them, and pass them on to others. The tangibility feature allows customers to get in touch with your business via the contact details mentioned in them. Having a tangible part in hand will enable customers to scan your details more than any other means. Also, brochures are easy to access as customers just need to pull them out from their rack, shelf, or drawer if they want to read them or pass the information to their family or friends. On the contrary, an advertisement on the Web may be hard to trace back or find out.  

Suppose you participate in an event where many stalls are set up for advertisement purposes. People approaching your stall mean they are interested in your business and want to know more about it. A brochure is the best way to render such information interactively. A visually-sound brochure will surely attract their attention and compel them to contact you.

Try providing your prospects with valuable content. Do not add misleading content that will drive your customers away. Once they find that you provided them with the exact thing they have been looking for, they will not mind coming to you again and again. Brochures are excellent for providing valuable content, that too, for free!

Leave a lasting first impression 

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. It’s true in today’s cut-throat competitive sphere. So, make your first impression count. And, when you want to impress your target audience, the appearance of your brochure matters a lot. If your brochure is unattractive or not visually pleasing, it may give an impression to people that your business is not serious about anything. 

Contrary, if you hand them a well-designed, glossy brochure, they will notice the quality and associate it directly with your products or services. Also, such a brochure will not end up in a trash bin. Instead, a captivating image, easy-to-understand content, and excellent print quality will keep your audience engaged. 

Remember, the quality of material matters too. Everything about your brochure has to be flawless for a lasting impression. 

It’s pocket-friendly 

Once you have designed your brochure, all you have to do is print them using the desired printing technique. You can print high-quality brochures at a fraction of the price than that of running PPC ads. As far as distribution is concerned, it is low-cost too as you can do it on your own.

Small startups or businesses hardly have a huge budget set aside for running digital advertisement campaigns. Therefore, they need to look after their branding effort within their budget. So, the best way is to get a brochure designed using an online brochure maker or consult with a designer.

Also, if you buy these brochures in bulk, the price decreases significantly. As these marketing materials include your business details, people find them valuable for many reasons. 

Consistent branding with enough room for information 

Digital ads come with space limitations. For example, when you want to run a PPC ad, you have to create your ad in 30-30-80 characters space. It means you can use two headlines for 30 characters each and one description for up to 80 characters. 

This limitation restricts you from using enough information related to your business. But a standard brochure size allows you to add more information. Your design size will define how much info you can add to your brochure. That’s a win-win situation for advertisers as they can showcase relevant points about the company, products, and services altogether. 


Besides being a traditional marketing tool, brochures are still in use. You can consult with a professional graphic designer to help you finalize a suitable format. You can opt for a normal tri-fold brochure as they can easily hold your information related to products/services.  

Depending on your business needs, you can also create brochures with multiple pages in different sizes.

But before finalizing a brochure, you also need to consider the paper quality and finishing effects. Once you have finalized the content, size, and paper, leverage an online brochure maker tool such as Designhill to have professional brochures.