8 Tips For Amazing Beach Wedding Photography

So, you have decided to take the wedding vows in a place surrounded by a cool breeze and calming sea waves, i.e., the beach. That’s a great idea to make the most special day of your life memorable. However, finding the best professional to cover your destination wedding photography shoot amazingly is pivotal. You have to do in-depth research to hire a photographer who can take breathtaking pics of your wedding ceremony and the reception. But it is not like everything depends on the skills and experience of the photographer; certain other things also contribute to capturing stunning images.

Here we are going to discuss a few tips that help you and your photographer gets the most out of your wedding pictures.

  • Find An Ideal Beach

A stunning location is essential. You want your picturesque images to reflect the beauty and romance of your ceremony. The best beaches for weddings are those with soft sand, plenty of space, and good light (ideally during the golden hour). If you’re getting married on a crowded beach, make sure you have someone on hand who can keep an eye on guests, so they don’t disrupt your photo session — or, worse yet, step into the frame.

  • Check Weather Forecast

Always check the weather forecast first when looking for an ideal beach for your ceremony and reception. Don’t pick the location where the chances of rain are high! It might ruin all those fun photos you were hoping for if it rains during your ceremony or reception. If you still choose a cloudy place, talk with other vendors about contingency plans just in case anything goes wrong with their services as well!

  • Create Alluring Ceremony Arbor

The arbor is the center of attraction at any wedding ceremony. So, create an alluring arbor for your ceremony with beautiful flowers, lights, and decorations. You can also use coloured rocks, shells, and driftwood for decorating purposes. Choose colors that match your wedding theme, such as pink or green if you want an elegant look or brown or black if you want an earthy touch to the ceremony arbor. In addition to this, you can also use candles in different sizes to create an enchanting atmosphere during the ceremony.

Contact a professional to do this for you, or do it yourself by following DIY tutorials on YouTube.

  • Choose Beautiful Attires

The bride should wear something elegant and comfortable for a beach wedding so that she does not feel uncomfortable while participating in all activities such as dancing or walking on the sand wearing high heels. The groom should wear something formal but not too formal to not feel uncomfortable while doing a couple’s dance.

  • Choose Daytime For Ceremony

It’s possible to capture amazing sunset photos at a beach wedding, but it’s hard to beat the natural light of the day. Many couples choose a mid-morning ceremony with golden hour lighting as the best way to have their photos match their venue. This gives photographers more time after the ceremony to get beautiful images of the couple in the evening light and still have time for portraits before sunset.

  • Focus On Interesting Background

The most important tip to remember when shooting a beach wedding is to focus on the background. The background will make or break your picture, so make sure it’s interesting and colorful. Try incorporating some of the elements found in nature, like rocks, sand, trees, and water, into your photos. You can also choose a unique angle and position from where you can take pictures without any distractions in the background. Also, avoid taking pictures with people walking behind your subjects, as this will also ruin your photos.

It would also be good to stage certain shots to make them match the theme and overall feel of the wedding. You can utilize beach props like umbrellas, a table-by-the-beach setup, or even a beach chair. This gives you and the couple more options for poses to try as well.

  • Create Stunning Silhouette Shots

Silhouette shots are very popular among photographers because they look very interesting and dramatic when captured properly. A silhouette shot shows only a person’s silhouette against a bright background without clearly showing their face or body details. 

  • Have Fun

Finally, don’t forget to have fun during your wedding day as it brings a natural smile to your face, ultimately leading to amazing pictures.

The Bottom Line-:

A beach is a perfect place for a wedding. It is romantic and beautiful and makes your wedding look like a fairy tale. The above tips help to nail the perfect destination wedding photography on the beaches of Bristol or any other city.