Email Matters: How to Use Email to Increase Conversions

With more than 235 billion emails sent every day, email marketing has grown into an extremely effective way to reach your audience. However, to maximize your conversions, you need to use the right approach and understand what works best in terms of the design, content, and timing of your email campaigns. In this guide we’ll look at the best marketing tips you can use to increase your conversion rates and help you get even more from your email marketing efforts.

Improving Your Email Marketing

Whether you’re looking to increase the number of new customers or just want to get better response rates from your current customers, improving your email marking will do the trick. Read on for six email marketing tips that will help you increase conversions in no time.

1. Write Great Subject Lines

The first thing many people see in their inbox is your subject line, so make sure it grabs their attention. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or tell them what you offer. For example, the subject line “We can help increase conversions by 23%!” or “Your business needs more online traffic—we’re here to help” are enticing offers.

You can also use curiosity-provoking phrases like “Re: Re: We love your work; please stop by our office for a free consultation sometime soon!” Remember, a well-crafted subject line has a huge impact on whether someone reads your email and its content, so take some time to think of something that will get them excited about what they find inside.

2. Nurture Customers With Quick Responses

According to recent studies, 91% of consumers expect brands to respond within an hour during business hours. 64% of consumers will take their business elsewhere if they do not receive a response. If you want to increase conversions on your website, deliver quick responses by nurturing customers through email. Make sure every customer has your personal contact information and that your team responds to questions or concerns promptly.

3. Personalize Communication

Email is an incredibly effective way to reach out to current and potential customers. By providing a compelling message, including high-quality content, following up with engaged recipients, and sent in tandem with your postcard retargeting efforts, your email will have a much higher chance of being read and acted upon. While you may not be able to completely personalize every message, even a small tweak can make a big difference.

For example, saying “Hi Mary” instead of “Hi Customer” adds more personality than a generic email. Additionally, by including relevant CTAs in each email you will keep users engaged with your brand.

4. Create Timed Interactions

Email can be a powerful tool for lead generation and customer retention, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait for customers to reach out. Try using timed email campaigns to engage with prospects at key points in their relationship with your company. For example, if a customer hasn’t purchased from you in a few months, reach out to them with a discount code or new product information.

5. Track Your Emails and Use Analytics

Your current email marketing metrics hold the secret to taking your marketing to the next level. Once you’ve determined your key metric, figure out how to measure it. Using analytics software like Google Analytics, Omniture SiteCatalyst, or CrazyEgg will help, but if you’re just starting you can get by using spreadsheets. Once your basic measuring system is in place it should be easier to build other tracking features into your email campaigns later on.

6. Improve Email Content

Using exciting content in your emails is another must for increased conversions. If you’re having trouble engaging readers, look for ways to make your emails more interesting. Not only will culturally relevant and creative content encourage engagement from your subscribers, but if they’re impressed by what they see from your brand they’ll be more inclined to buy.

Email can be an excellent channel for conversions, but if you use it incorrectly, you might not get the results you want. Use these six tips to improve your email marketing campaigns and take your business to the next level.

7. Create Workflows

Creating workflows using email marketing software will make implementing your email marketing campaigns easier. This will allow you to automatically send out emails based on the actions your customers take and keep you organized. In your workflow, you may want to have two follow-ups set up two days apart from the previous email. You can have automatic emails set up to ask a customer for a review days after they receive their product. It is also important to set up a holiday workflow for campaigns surrounding major eCommerce holidays.

8. Reengage or Remove

If a customer has not interacted with any of your emails within the past six months, try to regain their interest by sending them free items such as an ebook, a guide, a product, or a discount on your site. Often this tactic is a success. However, if the customer still does not take up the offer of a free product or service then you will want to remove them from your list.