5 Popular SEO Myths That are Shrinking Your Content Reach

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an art where anybody can play with the basics. But, it is extremely tough to have a grasp over each nuance of SEO and search engine algorithms. This is the reason why most of the information about SEO is incorrect. The reason for so many myths is that propagating the SEO myths is profitable for several bootleggers.  Several big machines in the market churn out wrong information as if it was their birthright.

According to the interviews & feedbacks of several business owners, entrepreneurs, and top shot managers, it is quite clear that there are several misconceptions about search engine optimization. Before launching the SEO campaigns for accelerating the growth of your online businesses, there are hundreds of misconceptions in the minds of digital marketers. This is the reason behind the failure of most of the new online businesses & startups.

Now, let us take a look at what are the popular myths that are shrinking your content reach.

THE FIRST MYTH- Blogs Will Assist in the Growth of SEO

Some SEO experts believe that posting a blog on the website will automatically increase the SEO presence & will make the website much more appealing. If you have a very popular website, to begin with, the internal blogs can help in driving much more traffic to your site. There are multiple examples in which blogs have been treated as catchy material for attracting visitors to the website, but this is not true as only posting blogs on your website without implementing any digital marketing strategy can lead to a decrease in the traffic on your website or blog. Thus, it can be stated clearly that blogs will not help any SEO.

Until & unless proper SEO strategies are being followed, there is no advantage or profit in just posting blogs. The blogs, even if written with adequate flair & creativity, will not help you in generating traffic on the website, if proper SEO strategies are not implemented.

Further, if the website of the owner is new, then just posting a blog on site will hardly affect the traffic or footfall of the blog, however well written it is, and from the SEO perspective, the SIte is not going to have any benefit by posting an internal blog. Unless &, there is a dedicated team of individuals who are working on different departments such as SEO, SEM, SMM, PPC, etc, the traffic on the website will be very low or NIL.

THE SECOND MYTH- All Backlinks are Created Equal

It is not to be denied that quality backlinks are not only very important from the SEO’s point of view, but it is also very important that the quality of the backlinks should be such that it should help the website or webpage rise in the ranks of Google. In the case of popular & powerful social media sites, the hyperlinks are not considered as a link that will increment the status of the backlink profile.

Now, the mistake that SEO experts make is that they get trapped in the belief that all the SEO backlinks are equal. But, the truth is that some backlinks are full of spam and they can cause damage to the website. The backlinks that are to be created on an equal basis, help sites such as Facebook, Twitter & Quora. But, the backlinks created without proper SEO tactics or strategies are always not beneficial for the user.

THE THIRD MYTH- High Keyword Density Improves Page Ranking

It is quite true that using proper keywords in the right places helps in improving the ranking of the page. But, the content writer & SEO should be aware that the keywords should be used on a thorough & frequent basis. But, there is no definition of a percentage or a number that shall define the degree to which keywords shall be used in an article.

So, if an SEO starts to obsess about the density of the keywords, then it may become difficult for him/her to capitalize on the quality of the blog and then help in ranking the page further. The reason is that Google is now equipped with the techniques to identify natural language patterns.

Google can easily set up a perception about the site as a manipulative outlier & then it can lead to problems for the site. So, it is a total myth that inserting a high number of keywords can boost the ranking or page traffic of the blog. 

THE FOURTH MYTH- Social Signals Act as an Important Factor for Ranking

Since the beginning of the early 2010s, each search engine optimization blog had been slashed in posts regarding the relevance of social signals. This also means that a good choice of your Instagram filter and the number of followers does not act as an important factor for ranking. No doubt that backlinks are a ranking factor, but it is not the only criteria that allow the ranking of the page to go up.

There are other social signals as well like the number of likes of the pages also acts as a social signal, but ironic that it may sound, getting a high number of likes is not an important factor for social signal.

So, it is a complete myth that google measures everything on your page from your number of likes, to followers, etc. The only factors responsible for the ranking of the pages are good & effective SEO practices & good quality content. But, the most important ranking factor responsible for the ranking of web pages & websites is the backlinks.

THE FIFTH MYTH- The Quality of Content is not Important

Since, for all the digital marketing experts, Google is the most valued & topmost authority. So, in such a case, content is the best measure of the ranking that the site occupies. It is the content only that gives the indications to google about what searches shall your site rank on. The job & responsibility of google links is to instruct google on how to rank the web page or website. But, the main job of hooking & attracting viewers on-site is the quality of content. Good quality content not only attracts new viewers but also provides permanent customers for the website owner.

Final Thoughts

Thus, above were the reasons or myths that are leading to shrinkage in your content reach. The above article clarifies that the market is full of elements, customers, & people who spread wrong notions about SEO & content.

So, as a precautionary repercussion, the users & digital marketing agencies should be well aware of the facts before delving into the world of SEO, as there is a lot of misguidance in the market about SEO practices that are leading to a reduction in the reachability of content. 

Author BIO –  Shiv Gupta started his journey in the digital marketing world at the age of 17. He grabbed deep knowledge of the industry and earned multiple awards. Incrementors was founded by him to provide the best marketing solution to struggling businesses with a goal to help them achieve higher sales and conversions. Incrementors don’t give fluff or “high-level” advice. They just give an insanely actionable plan that works.