How Social Media Platforms Can Helps To Solve Your Indexing Issues In 2021

Making your content SEO-friendly is the first step to increase your website ranking on search engines. Now, before we focus on ranking, we must be concerned about indexing, right? There are millions of articles getting published on Google every day. So, sometimes even Google ignores a few of these articles, and as a result your article doesn’t even get indexed there. So, we have to bring social media marketing to your rescue.

Social media marketing is the engine of digital marketing because without that, we can’t think our online campaigns as complete. So, will social media marketing also resolve the indexing issues that marketers have been facing for so long? Let’s take a look:

But before that let’s see some statistics.

Some Important Social Media Statistics

Did you think we will just start boasting about social media marketing from the start? No, first, we will familiarize you with some social media statistics so that you can grasp its power.

In the first quarter of 2020, 420 billion individuals were using social media. But, 90.4% of Generation Y people, 77.5% of Generation X, and 48.2% of the Beat Generation used social media in 2019. On average, each person spends 2 hours and 25 minutes on social media and messaging.

Social media is used by 54% of mobile surfers to conduct product research. In 2020, 1.3 million new users joined social media. Millennials spend 2 hours and 38 minutes each day on an average on social media, while Gen Z people spend 2 hours and 55 minutes.

How Do Social Media Platforms Help Your Content Get Indexed?

No matter how many guest blogging sites you use, if your content does not get indexed on Google, there’s no point. Why do we post so much content on Google? So that it ranks our website in the top 10 search results when someone searches for the industry-relevant keywords, right?

But whatever strategies you have put forth so far, have they all worked? If they would have, you wouldn’t have been reading this post. So, let’s find out how social media marketing can be of help in this case.

1: Posting Daily Content Is The Key

If you can upload the right type of content on social media platforms consistently, on a daily basis, you can get them indexed. The best way to do that is to let the Google crawlers get a hang of your content first.

You must make your content SEO-friendly, so that crawlers can judge your content on a practical basis. So, no matter what happens, publish at least one, or two posts every day because your consistency will get you far.

2: It Can Make Your Post Go Viral

The best way social media marketing can help us in getting indexed by making our posts go viral. Yes, viral is a term we know due to the grace of social media channels, right? You all must remember Kim Garst’s News’ Years meme because that got 13,204 shares, or Steve Spangler’s “pun-ny” wildlife image with 8,137 shares.

These are some viral posts, and social media marketing helps these posts go viral. When some content goes viral on social media, it automatically gets indexed on Google, so you can figure out how it works.

3: Engaging Content Has A Higher Chance of Getting Indexed

When you post an engaging content on social media, it has a better chance of getting more comments, and starting a conversation. I mean, think about it. Suppose you read a post on a news site, and you read the same post on Facebook. Where will you most likely share your views, or post a comment?

Your answer is Facebook, right? So, that’s it. Social media lets your content become more engaging, and engaging content helps crawlers index your post faster.

4: The Volume Matters

When I first started out on my journey as a content marketer, I used to think that Google indexes all the content published on the sites. But, that’s not true. No matter how many blogger outreach services you use, you can’t force Google to exceed its limits. Google does not consider every webpage having the same value, and so it doesn’t bother indexing all of them. If you don’t know about blogger outreach services, you must know by visiting here.

That’s why social media marketing comes to play. It generates more content every day than a traditional webpage ever could, so if you post content on social media, it will have a better chance of getting indexed.

5: Facebook, And Twitter Have Their Separate Fan Base

I know you feel the webpages are more reliable than the social media channels when it comes to letting your content indexed, right? But, trust me, Facebook, and Twitter are treated as any other webpages only due to their sheer popularity among users. There are 2.85 billion daily active users on Facebook, and 206 million users on Twitter.

On Twitter each tweet is treated as a separate web page. Same goes for Facebook where one share, one comment, one link is treated as a separate web page. So, you can imagine why the conventional web pages won’t ever be able to compete with these social media channels. That’s why we think social media marketing has a better chance to resolve your indexing issues.

Putting It All Together

We have given you some unique ways so that you can harness the power of social media marketing, and solve your indexing issues. As a digital marketer myself, I understand how frustrating it can be when Google doesn’t index your site. But, that’s just one of the many disappointments we face in this online marketing journey. So, use social media marketing today, to post your content, and broaden your audience reach.

If your indexing problem does not get resolved in a month, you can get back to us, and we will surely help you to find out what went wrong.

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