Different Sleep Preferences? Best Mattress Types for Couples

Out of all the things couples share, a mattress is one of the most important. People spend nearly half their lives in bed, so make sure your mattress is comfortable and conducive for sleep, reading and watching television as well as more strenuous activities. Whether you’re newlyweds combining households or an old married couple looking for a better night’s sleep, here are a few ways to ensure that your mattress will please both of you.

Split Adjustable

What’s the next best thing to twin beds? A split adjustable mattress allows each half of a couple to have their bed just the way they like it without resorting to sleeping like Lucy and Ricky. This type of mattress consists of two extra-long twin mattresses with their own adjustable bases put together in one king-sized bed. The only downside is the small gap in the middle, which can get in the way of cuddling and other couple’s activities. But if you and your partner have vastly different needs, it may be worth making the switch.

Heavy Duty

Are you looking for queen mattresses fit for a king-sized couple? Couples who are heavier or taller than average, mixed-size or share their bed with children should consider a heavy-duty mattress. With thick sides, tough springs and a more supportive base, these mattresses are built to handle a heavier load than traditional mattresses. Some can even hold over 2,000 pounds.

Motion Isolating

If one partner likes to toss and turn all night, a motion-isolating mattress may be the perfect solution. This type of mattress absorbs motion and prevents it from transferring to the other side of the bed, so the partner who prefers to sleep like a log can remain undisturbed. Motion-isolating mattresses are also quieter than traditional mattresses, so apartment-dwelling couples won’t wake the neighbors when getting busy.

Dual Firmness

Do you like to sleep on a cloud, while your partner prefers to snooze on a concrete slab? A dual-firmness mattress is just right for both of you. With two firmness zones that can be made softer or harder at the touch of a button, a dual-firmness mattress can help you both find your Goldilocks zone. For even more individual customization, combine your dual-firmness mattress with a split-adjustable base.

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses have been gaining popularity due to their convenience and versatility. You can get them in many different levels of firmness. A medium-firmness mattress paired with a soft topper might be the perfect solution if you and your partner have different preferences. You may think that these mattresses tend to get hot, but there are solutions for those with the night sweats. Many modern memory foam mattresses include cooling gel technology to keep the temperature under control.


One strategy to improve sleep is using an elevated surface, whether that be with the base of the bed or a special pillow. The base of your bed can make a difference in the comfort of your mattress overall. Especially if one or both of you struggles with back pain or snoring, you may benefit from a bit of elevation. Sleeping in a slightly elevated position helps with clear breathing, which reduces snoring and sleep apnea. If just one partner has these issues, look into getting a supplementary wedge pillow to use on their side of the bed.

Are you and your partner unable to agree on the perfect mattress? There is no shame in separate beds. If you have the space, choose two full or queen-sized beds. Sneak over to your partner’s side of the room for a little fun, then head back to your own bed for a good night’s sleep.