Cannabis Social Media Marketing Explained

Cannabis Social Media

You are all aware of the fact that social media has been one of the most influential aspects in the life of every human being. Today we live in a society where every one of us is quite engaged over social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more. It has also been proved to be one of the largest platforms for marketing and branding for various organizations. There have been several reports that have stated that customers are more likely to purchase after viewing a brand’s social media post regarding some product or service.

However, when it comes to the subject of cannabis, some of the biggest and most common social media sites have to bring up their restrictions. This is due to the fact that cannabis is still considered illegal at the federal level. There are various risks to having a cannabis business social network and promoting it freely on social media websites. There have been many instances of these accounts or profiles being shut down to maintain the community guidelines. In this article, we will focus on each and every aspect of cannabis social media marketing and how it can be promoted to generate better returns.

Cannabis Advertising On Social Media

To be in luck, you or your brand needs to follow the guidelines for some of the particular social media platforms where you can possibly display your advertisements. For businesses thriving in the cannabis industry, maintaining a social presence can be really challenging. Your advertisements might stand a chance to get approved if your ads do not promote any kind of cannabis use or cannabis products and if they are strictly meant for advocacy and educational purposes.

When promoting your ads on social networking sites such as Facebook or Instagram, you must keep the community guidelines and rules in mind before proceeding with however you want to portray your brand. While several accounts have been reported and shut down, there also have been many brands that experienced huge success getting their ads approved on these platforms.

How To Promote Cannabis Social Media Marketing?

Even though it is a tough job, there are a few ways that can actually allow your advertisements to be displayed over social media sites and eventually help you grow your business. Let us have a look at some of those:

1. Promote Less & Engage More

If you do not want to violate the regulations of the social media site that you are advertising on, you should avoid promoting your cannabis business or related products. Rather, you must focus on producing engaging and entertaining content and tutorials that would allow users to learn, understand, and develop trust in you.

2.  Post Useful & Educational Content

The key to successful cannabis social media marketing is to build awareness among people using content that they might be interested in. For getting better engagement, you must focus on delivering content that is meaningful and educational. You can use attractive visuals, useful information texts, and videos to gain more attention.

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How To Expand Organic Reach For Marketing Cannabis?

By generating organic reach and earned media, you can pave the way for successful cannabis social media marketing. The major part to be focused on is delivering useful and enlightening content that users would want to share, thus strengthening your bond with them.

1.   Podcasting

It is still one of the most popular mediums for increasing your organic reach. The reason is that many people around the world feel more comfortable listening to audio content rather than reading blogs or watching videos.

2.  Blogging

Updating your page regularly with extremely creative, meaningful, and exciting content through blogs can greatly impact user engagement. It is one of the most basic ways to improve your organic reach.

3.  Videos

Videos are commonly the most engaging stuff that people can associate with. Thus, to achieve a better organic reach, you need to create extremely creative videos and upload them on Youtube. Eventually, you can share it on your social media page to expand your brand exposure.

What Are Some Of The Cannabis-Friendly Social Media Platforms?

There are several niche social media sites apart from Instagram and Facebook that are specifically dedicated to upholding cannabis businesses and providing content for consumers. These sites even let you target a community of audiences that might be interested in your brand. You can research these sites, follow the interactions occurring thoroughly, and find opportunities to kickstart your campaign. Below listed are some of those cannabis-friendly social media platforms that have gained immense  popularity:

  • CannaSOS
  • MjLink
  • Leafwire
  • Weedable

Final Thoughts

Life is full of challenges, and hardships are just a part of it. Similarly, in the case of businesses promoting cannabis can be a little difficult to deal with on social media platforms. However, nothing is impossible. Despite the various restrictions and limitations concerning cannabis marketing on social media, you can look for alternative strategies, as mentioned in this article, to take your business ahead.

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