Can You Get Away Without Having a Couch in Your Living Room?

It’s difficult to imagine entertaining guests in your living room without a couch. Where will your guests sit after all? As it turns out, lots of alternatives to couches exist. Here’s a look at four ways you can live sans sofa and still have plenty of seating space for entertaining.

Big, Fluffy Pillows

If you tend to be a more casual person, throwing some big, comfy pillows on the floor may be just the couch substitute for you, according to Architectural Digest. The advantage here is that you can move large pillows and cushions around the room to make larger or smaller sitting areas, depending on your entertaining needs.

Daybed Style

Daybeds are an excellent sofa substitute if you live in a studio apartment. They’re comfortable enough to sleep on at night and provide plenty of sitting space for guests during the day. They come with an added bonus in that you can quickly change the look of the room just by changing your bedding.

Modified Sofas

One of the reasons why people consider going couchless is because their living room is small and cramped. A full, six-foot couch may take up too much space on one wall. One way around this for those who still want a proper sofa is to look into a sectional couch. This offers a great deal of flexibility while still keeping the option open for a couch.

Lots of Chairs

Here’s another great option for small living rooms: lots of chairs centered around a rug and coffee table. Think of this solution as a way to recreate the cozy feel of that Boho coffee shop you love so much.

It also allows for mixing and matching if you want a little visual variety. Just get three or four chairs that would look good together but that still have different styles. One easy way to tie a look like this together is to unify the room with a color scheme, like pink and black. As long as most of the furniture and accessories feature these colors, the room will look pulled together.

Going couchless in your living room opens up a great deal of space, and as these examples demonstrate, it’s possible to do without a sofa without doing without comfort. You just have to be a bit creative, but your efforts will be worth it. You’ll have a unique, rave-worthy space to entertain in once you’re done.