Be A Part Of The Trending Audio-based Social Media Market By Developing An App Like Clubhouse

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The pandemic has turned everything upside down. People are forced to stay locked up and do their work from home. This confined atmosphere has made people look out for communication and entertainment online that obviously led to the boom of the digital industry. While many potential social networks have gained user engagement like never before, it is worth noting that a new type of social media is gaining rapid traction among the audience. Let us get to know more about this new sensational audio-based social media app in this blog.

What Is Clubhouse, And What Makes It The Talk Of The Town?

The Clubhouse is an audio-based social media app launched by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth in April 2020. Unlike other social media apps that allow users to have text conversations, Davison and Seth took things to the next level by enabling people to communicate through voice. There will be a number of ongoing discussions happening inside the app on nearly any topic, from mental health, feminism to learning new languages and pop culture.

Since its launch in April 2020, the Clubhouse app sees consistent growth in the number of users. Its popularity skyrocketed in January 2021, reaching two million active users. Is this what Clubhouse is all about that makes it popular? If this is what you’re thinking right now, the answer is, No. There is something more that adds to the exclusivity of this app.

The other differentiating factor of the app is that it’s not open to everyone. This means that it is an invite-only social media app where a user can get to use the app only after receiving an invitation from the existing user. Moreover, the conversations that happen in the app cannot be saved or recorded for later, bestowing more privacy. This seems to create a real buzz making it the new sensation.

Besides, the appearance of influencers and celebrities such as Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg has escalated the popularity of the app. Simply put, the exclusivity of the app with the lockdown that underlines the human needs for socializing made the Clubhouse app a big hit.

How Does The App Work?

As we know already, the app allows users to communicate with their voice. The communications take place in ‘Rooms’ in the app. A room is a dedicated space to discuss a certain topic of interest. The rooms can be given a name and a description based on the topic of discussion. Members can be invited to join the room, or any user can enter as a listener and listen to the talk going on in the room. The listeners are muted by default and if they want to have a say in the discussion, they can virtually raise their hands.

If the speaker accepts the request, the listener gets to speak in the room. Any user can create new rooms and invite participants to join them. The Clubhouse does not work on schedules and plans; any user can enter or leave the room as they wish. In case if they don’t want to miss the most interesting talks, they can set up notifications for that.

What Are The Clubhouse App Features?

Onboarding: The user can enter their names, set profile photo and enter into the app.

Feed: Once the user has signed in to the app, they can see many rooms with different names on their feed. Users can enter into any room and listen to the conversations going there.

Rooms: This feature let user create a new room. The app can suggest three types of rooms: Open rooms are open to all users, Social rooms where only the followers of the user can enter, Closed rooms allows people that the user chooses.

Raise hand: If the listener wants to speak in a room, they can do so using this option.

User Profiles: It enables users to customize their profile such as name, picture, add a bio, etc. The profile speaks more for the person.

Clubs: Club is similar to Facebook groups. Users can join the clubs of their interest and can suggest topics for discussion in the club.

Search: Search is a useful feature as in any app that helps search for topics or the people the user wants to follow.

Upcoming for you: This feature notifies about the forthcoming discussions providing details on the names of conversation, speakers, topic descriptions, start time, etc.

Activity: It displays the details such as the history of interactions, followers of the user, scheduled events, etc.

Notifications: Sends push notifications to the user to notify if a person the user follows starts a room or informs the user about events and so on. It is one of the essential features that improve user engagement.

Tips For Launching A Successful Clubhouse Clone App

If you are planning for a Chat Room app development, you can follow the steps given below.

1.Do Your Research

Doing research is essential to understand what the customer wants in a voice-chat app and what you can provide to have the edge over your rivals. It also involves knowing who your target audience is that helps you develop a better product offering a real advantage over your close competitors.

  1. Create Your MVP

You can create an MVP version of the app with all the most essential features listed above. It gives an outlook of your app and helps you identify the drawbacks easily that can be improvised while developing a full-fledged app.

  1. Work On Your Design

An appealing and intuitive UI/UX gives a good user experience and adds to the user’s satisfaction. Bugs and glitches should be identified and resolved immediately, ensuring the smooth functioning of the app.

  1. Market Your App

To create momentum for your new app and get people to talk about it, you need to implement a good marketing strategy. App Store Optimization, launching a blog on your website, is a marketing technique you can adopt to promote your app.

  1. Improvise on Feedback

Launching your app in the market is not the end of the story. To sustain in the long run, you need to begin collecting and analyzing the feedback you receive for your app. Based on the feedback, you can do improvisations to the application and update the app from time to time. 

Final Thoughts

With the audio social trend receiving a huge reception among the audience, it can be the future norm. There are already many businesses that have started making their way into the market. So without any further delay, make use of the opportune moment and initiate the app like clubhouse development to own the future.