How to Hire Top Android App Developer for my business – Five Unique Tips

Click and read about android game development companies and their hiring process. Hiring an android app developer for your business is a long and complex process. The limited people in this arena and your limited budget makes this look like the mission impossible. Things can get even more confusing if you have already started with the app development and need a new person in the middle of your project. In this post, you will know more info about the hiring process of android app developers for best hybrid app development.

Skill Set Requirement

There are mainly three levels in assessing the skill set of the android app developers depending on the years of experience and work complexity -junior, middle and senior. Based on these criteria you can hire someone depending on your requirements- whether you require someone to fine tune little things or manage the development process. 

Junior Android developer

These kinds of developers are with an experience of less than 3 years who might have engaged themselves in the development of simple apps. They would be great in assisting the middle and senior developers.

Middle Android developer

These types of developers dabbled in the field of android development for more than 3 years and in the way might have engaged themselves in the development of complex application projects. With experience they are able to take care of themselves and work independently.

Senior Android developer

These are one you need for filing for a team leader’s position. With their more than 5 years of experience, they might have led, supervised and consulted for large projects.

Beyond these credentials, an Android developer irrespective of her/his level should have solid technical skills, be a team player and be good at problem solving.

Technical skills to look for in an Android Developer

The android developer, with his experience over the years should have learnt the following things-

  • Java, as it is the most used programming language for Android app development. Expertise in this language is a must and is non-negotiable.
  • The knowledge of Android Software development kit (SDK) (tools required to build apps) is also non-negotiable. They should have a good grasp of views,user input, layouts, activities and so on. They should also be able to fix the bugs.
  • APIs are core for intercommunication between different apps. The developers should know their way around these.
  • A basic understanding of back-end skills is a must for an Android developer.

Soft skills for an Android developer

In any setting one should possess a good set of interpersonal skills. Here are what you need to check out in hiring an Android app developer.

  • A team oriented developer is a valuable asset as every development project needs team work to finish it.
  • As every project is a team project, there should be good communication among the developers for effective team work. So good communication is an indispensable trait required for a developer. Developers also need to communicate with non-technical people. 
  • It is always preferable to have an employee who shares the same values as the rest of your company. A good fit will surely make a difference between painful development and thriving collaboration. 

Job description draft for Android developer

Drafting a job description and posting it in areas where the potential candidates would see it is the first step in hiring Android developers. Mention all the qualities you are looking for in your employee. Click this link about android game development company and check how these other companies give out their job description.

Interview Questions for android app developer

Once you have put up a job description, you will start receiving applications. The next step is the screening process. You have to sort out the most qualified candidates and interview them. The interview should test their hard skills and soft skills. To test the hard skills, you can pose questions like- What are the advantages of Android OS?,  ask them to explain in brief the android architecture and framework, ask them about the necessary components of the new android project, ask them to explain about the activity lifecycle and several other questions that would bring out their technical skills. To test the soft skills, you can pose questions like- Why should we hire, questions about their strengths and weaknesses, the projects they have worked on, etc.

How to hire a remote Android developer?

One can go about with hiring a remote android developer in two ways- use freelance services or partner with outstaffing companies.

Hiring freelancers

To hire a freelancer, you need to go to a website that offers freelancer services, set up a job description about the post, wait for the candidates to send in  their applications and discuss with your developers on how they are going to work together. There are an equal number of pros and cons while working with a freelancer. While working with them is cheap, you cannot really guarantee the quality of their work. There might also be a possible language barrier. So, research well before getting into hiring a person.


It is a universally beneficial option for any kind of project and budget. Outstaffing from Eastern Europe or Asia is less expensive than hiring an actual android developer. While this can be cost- effective, you might face difficulties due to possible language barriers and different time zones.

How to hire a dedicated software development team?

Here, you will know more info about how to hire a dedicated team for software development.

Gathering project requirements

Be clear of what you want. Know your requirements and start working on job description, desired team size and preferred workflow.

Assembling the team

Once done with the job description, you will start receiving applications for your post. Keep some interview questions handy and make sure you test the person for both his soft skills and hard skills. If you need more people on your team, within a short span, you can consider hiring freelancers or outstaffing.

Selecting the best candidates

Once the interview is done, go through the background of all the candidates, evaluate their scones and pick candidates whom you think will go well with your company. You can even conduct one final round of interview to shortlist the candidates. Check for their language, ability to work as a team as these are the most important things one should be good at to bring maximum output from the work they do. They should be able to assist you in creating the best hybrid app development.

In this way, you can find the best android developers and hire them for your business. Use this process as a guide to complement missing parts of your team.

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