5 Activities You Must Do When Visiting NYC for the First Time

Visiting NYC

Visiting a city like New York for the first time can be an exciting experience yet full of anxieties. As commonly referred to as “The City That Never Sleeps”, it is no doubt you can easily get spoiled of choices and overwhelmed by the areas and activities to tour when you decide to visit it. Therefore, picking the right choice on what to do while in NYC can be daunting. This article intends to guide you on the top five activities you should do on your first visit to NYC.

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1. Visit the National 9/11 Memorial And Museum

The National 9/11 memorial and museum is one of the iconic and significant places in American history. It sits on the location of the former World Trade Center. The attraction site holds the most tragic events that traumatized Americans during the terror attack that claimed over 2,977 lives. The events are shared through informative and moving exhibits.

When you visit the museum, you will find the site displays the horrible terror attack in three segments. The first one shows the lead-up to, proceeded by the day of the attack, and lastly post the attacks. You also learn the stories of the individuals who lost their lives on that fateful day.

Away from the shocking stories of the attacks, the memorial hosts an iconic water feature and lighting suitable for photography. These two sites are major attractions for photographers and can give you a cool ambiance and a serene environment for your photo sessions.

2. Bus Tours Through NYC

Bus tours through NYC allow you to mingle through the city’s streets and discover more interesting spots within the city. These buses are spacious and big enough to give you a better view of the city’s tall buildings and other tourist attraction sites. With the big bus tours, you can visit the Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall, Wall Street/Charging Bull, and Madison Square Garden, among many more.

Alternatively, you get the same fun of touring the city over a bus tour on THE RIDE. This bus tour has a bus-like theatre design going around the city for about 75 minutes. You pass through scenery sites like Times Square and Midtown Manhattan during the ride. THE RIDE is accompanied by professional comedic tour guides that entertain you with stories about the city and fun facts. In addition, as the bus moves you along the streets, you get the chance to get entertained by the talented street performers.

Away from the bus tours, you opt to have an aerial view of the sprawling metropolis through a private jet company like charter jet NYC. The jet will give you a fantastic and lifelong memory of NYC.

3. Visit The Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is famously known for featuring in various known films. The building gives you that nostalgic 360-degree view of New York City. Move to the 86th floor (observation deck) and experience an amazing personalized multimedia tour of the city’s incredible sights. The view becomes more beautiful at night as you experience various city light colors. The Empire State building is closed by 2 am.

While inside the building, areas area you should propose to visit include:

  • The lobby-
  • The 2nd Floor Visitor’s Center
  • Sustainability Exhibit
  • Dare to dream exhibit and empire: The store
  • 86th Floor main observation deck
  • 102nd Floor top observation deck

4. The Statue Of Liberty And Ellis Island

The city’s statue of liberty for decades has been a sign of America’s welcoming sign to immigrants and gives them hope and opportunities for growth. The statue also provides a perfect site for viewing the growing metropolis.

Because of Ellis Island, New York City has been the port of welcoming immigrants to other parts of the country. This rich history has made the island a tourist attraction for millions who visit the United States. Within the island, there are ferries and boats that tour visitors around the island. The tour takes you up to the stairs of the statue’s crown, which is an exciting experience you should never miss.

5.     Tour Madison Square Garden

If you want to experience an all-access tour, then Madison Square Garden is the right spot. At the garden, you enjoy a 75-minute to have personal experience of what behind the scenes is like at Madison Square Garden. As you tour, a tour guide will accompany you with thrilling stories about the iconic place.

Furthermore, the garden hosts some of the most loved and attended concerts and events. These events feature in the MSG’s Defining Moment exhibits. For sports lovers, you get the opportunity to watch big teams like the New York Rangers NHL team and New York Knicks NBA team play in the garden. The basketball court within the garden also serves as an ice-skating rink. The floor is capable of transforming into an ice rink!

New York City is home to many tourist attraction sites. The city is rich in the history of the United States, with several museums and memorials showcasing past events. As you plan to visit New York City, make a prior inquiry of the sites to visit and prepare adequately to have the best of your tour.