What Signages Are Found In The School?

You might not consider signage a top priority for your education system, but making a few changes to your existing signs serves as a refreshing addition to the school environment. It makes a more significant impact than you can imagine.

The primary purpose of signage is to direct pupils, display updated curriculums, show what education formats you follow, and other practical implementations. But you can go the extra mile and use signage to bring value to the school’s environment. Installing welcoming signs or safety signage significantly impacts your school’s morale and environment.

It also impacts your staff, teachers, students, and other visiting faculty in the school. So, let’s look at some school signs and their meaning that help amplifies the school environment while adding functional value to the building.

Types of School Signs

School Name

This one’s a no-brainer. Your school sign is the first thing visitors see. It is essential to portray your school name with the best signs. It makes a lasting first impression and leaves a strong impact behind.

Wash your hands

You should promote hygiene among everyone attending the school. It helps to remind yourself to wash your hands the proper way constantly. You can include signage that illustrates the importance of washing hands frequently and the correct way to wash hands.


Social distancing, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, has shown its importance. However, students, staff, and other visitors might not always remember this. Thus, marking signs that remind visitors to maintain social distancing within the school premises is a significant health and safety aspect. Using the signage for this matter is therefore essential.

School COVID-19 Protocol Signs

Displaying COVID-19 signs throughout your school building helps to reiterate the dire consequences while providing guidelines on what to do. It also helps students understand how to take precautions. This type of school signage is also a legislative obligation. You can add your school logo and name along the signage to customize it.

 Teacher parking signs

Another important school signage type is the parking lot signs for teachers. You can use signs to reserve parking spots with the teacher’s name. It helps save teachers’ spots and shows visitors where they can park and where they cannot.

Smoke-free zone sign

Educational buildings are not a place where people can smoke. Hence, it is essential to make this act obvious by displaying a smoke-free sign. You can adhere these signs to walls, windows, and other visible places within the school.

School Policies

Many first-time visitors are unaware of the school policies you use in your school. Displaying these policies through school signage helps visitors understand what to expect from the school and what values the school holds.

Make sure to display the school policies in the best way possible. This aspect is essential as the policies make or break your school’s vision. Your students and staff should also be constantly reminded of the school’s top policies and what they must abide by.

Motivational signs

Motivational signs are what keep your students and teachers going. Displaying motivational posters across corridors adds color to your bare walls while giving a more welcoming touch to the school building.

You can direct the motivational quotes to the students and teachers to enhance their learning and teaching process. This type of school signage helps to add authority, soften the atmosphere, and be welcoming.

Why Does a School Need Signage?

Improves safety

Safety is imperative to any environment, especially schools. One of the benefits of school signage is to promote the safety of the school environment and all those who attend it. Since it is an obligation, you might as well add some value to the signage.

Safety signage helps promote government regulations and provoke others to comply. Instructions in case of fire, emergency exits signs, and other safety signs play a huge role in directing the students and staff to a safe route in case of an emergency. Hence, it is imperative to have safety signs in the school that show safety messages clearly.

Increase punctuality

Punctuality is one of the biggest virtue you can instill in students from a young age. Hence, displaying signage that shows school timings and timetables helps students realize how important it is to take classes on time and arrive at school on time.

Large schools also make it hard for students to find their way. Hence, installing signage that directs them to their next class helps improve their attendance and punctuality.

Promote core values

Another benefit of the school signage to promote the core values the school holds. Attaching these signs to visible spots like the main entrance and exit points, classrooms, and corridors helps to reiterate your teaching cause and impacts the decisions parents make for their child’s education at the school.


School signages help to communicate your school vision and enhance the atmosphere of your school. Hence, working with school signs in NYC helps to narrow down the critical signage you need for the school and work on them to provide an inclusive and welcoming environment.

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