6 Criteria to Look For in a Home Builder

Home builders are in short supply but desperately needed. This is thanks to the upward swing in the sale of new and existing homes. Even though there are close to 400,000 home builder businesses in the U.S., there aren’t enough to meet demand.

This doesn’t mean you should hire the first contractor that’s available to help with your project. There are still items to consider. To assist, here are six criteria to look for in a home builder.

1. Work Directly With You

Overall, a home builder needs to see your visions for designs and renovations. They shouldn’t be so staid that they stick to the things they know and don’t budge on adjustments. If they don’t see what you do, then the home builder needs to work with you directly.

Additionally, they must be available to answer the questions you have. Don’t be afraid to ask the home builder about past experiences, their strengths & weaknesses, and the return on investment (ROI) if they’re hired. Straight answers, no matter how tough they are to learn, are the best criteria to gather. Don’t hire someone who refuses to answer.

2. Experience

According to Sterling Homes, you want to look for new home builders with established experience. Research how long a company has been in business. If they’ve been in business for a while there’s a good chance they produce residences with a high degree of craftsmanship.

On top of this, a long-time home builder follows trends concerning style and construction materials. Thus, they have the expertise to inform you what’s good and bad. Yet, they still allow you to make your own decisions. This doesn’t mean there aren’t exceptions. For instance, a fresh-faced home builder could also be highly experienced. Especially if they apprenticed with a quality firm.

3. Transparency

Never accept the word of a home builder based on a handshake. Regardless of whether you want to bump out a room or build a new two-story home, everything needs to be in writing. This includes the materials the home builder uses, time estimates, and expected extra costs. You should expect transparency from this professional instead of vagueness.

One way to find this out is via reviews of their work. There are plenty of websites customers use to comment on a home builder’s professionalism, transparency, and the power to adapt to what’s required. After they speak with you it’s recommended to go to one of these locations to see what others have said.

4. They Lead Instead Of Dictate

There are two types of leaders. The one you want works with their employees to enhance productivity and quickly resolve issues. You don’t want one who spends the day berating his employees.

This is important even if the house is constructed on time and budget. Should they be more authoritarian than authoritative, then that takes them off the list for future considerations. Plus, you don’t recommend them to your friends. Generally, it’s a lost return on your investment.

5. They Hire Subject Matter Experts

A home builder is only as good as the people they hire. There are many moving parts involved in residential construction. Thus, they must hire subject matter experts (SMEs) for various aspects of the project.

The purpose of this is twofold. First, they minimize the time required to train workers on equipment and procedures. Second, they bring their knowledge to the site and offer quality suggestions to improve operations.

6. They Hire Third-Party Inspectors

When a home builder and their team have completed a project they don’t simply leave. They ensure nothing is done wrong or incomplete. This is why they hire third-party inspectors.

It’s not any different than the buyer of an existing home hiring an inspector to ensure their investment is worth it. Through this process, a home builder guarantees their work. If something is wrong, then they make sure it’s immediately corrected.

These are the six factors to look for in a home builder. A solid person in this field knows what’s at stake. So, they do everything they can to go through these items ahead of time. In the end, take your time to find the right home builder. Eventually, you’ll find the perfect one to construct your dream property.