5 Ways to Increase the Length of Your Hair

If you are looking for a way to make your hair grow faster, there are many options out there. Some people will recommend things like good old-fashioned vitamins or even the use of natural oils. These methods have been proven to work in some cases, but they take time and patience. If you want to see results more quickly, then check out these five ways that can help you increase the length of your hair.

1.  Trimming

Trimming your hair often can help to stimulate new growth, and that makes your hair grow. It will not only make it look longer (because of the increased length), but you’ll also feel like it is growing faster, even if it’s just because you have more volume at a given time.

Trimming of hair also helps you to keep it healthy because you are removing split ends. If your hair is unhealthy, then you will not see the best results in terms of length and growth. Split ends make your hair weak and often shortens its life cycle, which means that it needs to grow faster simply to catch up with how fast it’s dying out.

You should try cutting down on using heated styling tools like straighteners or curling irons (or any kind, really), as well as avoid dyeing your hair too much if possible. Instead, opt for natural remedies like coconut oil treatment. This can help restore moisture into dry, damaged hair making it appear shinier and healthier while also encouraging new growth at the same time.

2.  Conditioning

Conditioning treatments are another great way to give yourself an overall healthy scalp environment. If your roots aren’t receiving enough moisture or protein from shampooing alone, they won’t be as strong as they could be and break much easier when brushed against over and over again throughout the day.

Using deep conditioners once per week has been shown in university studies to improve elasticity by up to 48%. These products typically contain amino acids that coat each strand with keratin which makes it stronger and harder to break over time.

3.  Tea Tree Oil

A few drops of tea tree oil may be all you need to stimulate your scalp even more than a regular conditioner product can. This approach is said to operate by decreasing microorganisms on the scalp’s surface, which therefore reduces dandruff or other issues that would make hair strands “fall out” prematurely from being pulled too often at this stage in their development cycle. It also apparently contains properties that help bind individual hairs together better for a thicker look overall after just one treatment.

4.  Tape-in Extensions

If you are looking for a way to increase the length of your hair faster, remy tape ins can provide the length and volume that you want without having to wait around for your natural strands to actually grow out. These extensions use advanced technology like micro-cylinders or silicone rings that create loops at the top of each strand which ensures they will not slip out during normal wear.

This also helps them blend more naturally with other hairs making it hard to tell where one person’s begins and another ends. Tape-ins may be pricey, but if you wear them often enough, then this method could allow you to double (or even triple) how fast your own hair grows over time because so much less is being pulled on every day by comparison.

Just remember, though, never take these out at night and try to avoid sleeping on them if possible (the same can be said for any hair extension method, really). If you want the look of longer locks that will grow out over time, then this may well be your best bet.

5.  Use a Silk Pillowcase

This last tip is one we all know but never actually do: using a silk pillowcase when you lay down to sleep at night. Silk cases prevent friction in the place where most breakage occurs while we are resting our heads against it by preventing knots from forming or even causing snarls and tangles along the way.

It also means that there’s less strain put on each individual strand because they aren’t breaking every time you move around during your normal routine throughout the day. You can find these types of cases at your local department store for a reasonable price, so there is no excuse not to try them out if you are serious about growing hair faster.

In conclusion, the most effective way to grow hair quickly is using a blend of natural remedies with small amounts of added extensions as needed. Be sure you are staying hydrated and eating right, too, for best results. With time and patience, you can have long locks that rival those of your favorite celebrity.