5 Perks that Come with Being a CEO

Being a C-suite executive comes with a ton of benefits. Sure, there are going to be stressful moments. But, in the end, the perks definitely outweigh any additional stress you’ll have. Here are a few things to look forward to once you’re a CEO.

1. You Pick Your Own Means of Travel

Not only as a CEO do you get to decide where you’re going to do business. You will also be able to choose how you’ll get there. So, let’s say you’d like to fly on a luxury private jet charter instead of flying commercial. You can do that, and it’ll be paid for by the company. Traveling around the world in style will be part of your job description. One day, you might want to hold a meeting in Fiji. Next year, you might decide to travel to Maui. Either way, you’ll be the one calling the shots. And, you’ll get to your destinations in luxury.

2. Business Expenses Can Reduce Your Tax Liability

Another thing you can do as a CEO is claim expenses as part of your business expenses. Business expenses can be put on your tax record, and they’ll reduce what you owe. How much are you paying in taxes as an employee? More than likely, you’ll pay a lot less once you’re in the C-suite. Anything you spend on your employees would be a qualifying business expense.

So, if you go to the bowling alley, bring some employees with you for the afternoon. That way, you can deduct those expenses from your taxes. Or, you could just put it on a company card. As long as you’re hitting your KPIs, nobody is going to tell you otherwise. At the end of the year, you’ll be shocked at how little you’ve got to pay in taxes.

3. Choose Who You Work With

Have you always felt annoyed by somebody in your office? Most likely, you’ve felt that way at some point in your career. Sometimes, you’ve got to put up with it to get ahead in life. But, once you’re the one hiring people, you’ll decide who is part of your enterprise. Only pick people you see yourself getting along with. Then, you’ll love going to work that much more. Everybody will be answering to you, and they’ll depend on you. A lot of people love having others depend on them. If that sounds like you, you’d love living the life of a CEO.

4. Create Your Own Work Schedule

Who really enjoys waking up at the crack of dawn? You’ve got to do it whenever you’re starting out. Otherwise, you won’t stand out compared to your coworkers. But, once you’ve made it, you’ll set the schedule. Other people will show up early to impress you. It won’t be the other way around.

You could decide you’d like to call it early for the day. Then, you can just walk out the front door. Or, you could make an executive decision to implement a work-from-home structure. You wouldn’t even have to leave your lovely home anymore. Every day, you’ll just wake up and clock in from the comfort of your home.

5. Decide the Path You’ll Be Taking

Where do you think your business should be going? If you’re just an employee, your opinion only matters so much. It’s tough to get the higher-ups to listen to you. But, if you’re the CEO, your decisions are what matter the most. You might feel like a certain industry makes more sense for your company. Then, you could figure out how to transition into that sector. Or, you might realize a particular path isn’t as profitable as you’d hoped. Then, you could turn things around as soon as you’d like. At the end of the day, you’re the one making the calls as the CEO.

The Benefits of the C-Suite

C-suite executives are responsible for the decisions that guide their companies. They’ve got the skills necessary to make the right calls. It takes a while to work your way up to the top. But, once you’re there, you’ve got so many benefits. Nobody can tell you how to perform your job anymore. And, you can write off travel expenses as part of doing business.