5 Tips to Upscale Your Home’s Curb Appeal

There are so many ways to make the exterior of your home more attractive. A simple adjustment may be what your home needs to look more put together and soar even higher in value. Here are some ideas on how to increase curb appeal to your home.

Lawn and Light

This is an obvious point to start for most people. A well-tended lawn appeals to both the owner of the house and your neighbors will appreciate it as well. Your lawn will look so much better if you keep the grass green and adequately watered and constantly rake fallen leaves.

You can also use shrubs and artificial grass if you live in hot and dry areas. An adequately trimmed, clean lawn is all you need to increase the overall visual of your house. A well-lit walkway is not only a great security option but will make your home look better.

Replacing the porch light with a modern artistic fixture is sure to make your home look better. It is also vital to have your hedges appropriately trimmed and at the right height, especially when you don’t have a fence.

The ever-so-popular swing chair on your front porch is perfect for adding an element of comfort and homely vibes to your house.

Door and Roof

For a start, you can start by painting your door to give it a fresher look. If your door is aged, you may want to replace it with a more modern design. Another cheap and fun idea is to make different wreaths to hang on the door depending on the season.

Different weather changes will have the roof of your house looking worn out and unsightly. You can always hire hail damage roofing contractors to restore missing and damaged roof tiles. While you are fixing your roof, be sure to clean the interior and exterior of your gutters.

The garage door is more often than not overlooked when upgrading the home. This could be because it is expensive to replace an old garage door. You could try staining it, which costs way less and has fantastic results. If you have an older home where the doors and roof are in good condition, you can always polish them up and make them the highlight of the house.

Cleaning and Fixing

More often than not, a power wash is what will make a massive difference for your house’s exterior. Removing the old dirt from your driveway and porch will give an instant facelift to your curb.

Make sure to fix any broken windows or porch ornaments that will make the exterior of your house look unkempt and unsightly. Fixing the exterior can also include adding a few pieces of outdoor art. To give your porch a more rustic feel, you can place a cast iron seat with a few colorful throw pillows.

Entryway and Windows

The entryway is the first encounter your guests and even potential buyers will see before entering the house. You can add a few decorations and plants to make it seem more put together and enticing.

If your home is older, there is a big chance that the window wood is worn out by now. Replacing the windows is a good option for making the home look better and more polished. If you are on a budget, consider painting the windows.

Window boxes are a fancy and inexpensive way to bring sophistication to your curb. There is also such a great appeal to new window shutters on a home.

Mailbox and Hardware

The mailbox is a tried and tested ornament for your front yard. Your mailbox has seen better days as it has had to withstand harsh weather, vandalism, and a lot of human interaction. A new and stylish mailbox will not only keep your mail in check but is an excellent and affordable way to spruce up your home’s exterior.

The constant touching and subsequent cleaning of door handles will make them look dull and old fast. Ensure that you replace any unsightly hardware and add a more welcoming feel to your home.

Wrapping Up

From the article above, it is pretty clear that adding curb appeal to your home can be easy and inexpensive. Researching what works for your home’s exterior is the best way to find a good fit. If you are purchasing new items for decorating, ensure you window shop for a while before making the final decision.