5 Amazing Ways to Hire Top Android Developers

How do you get the morning milk and breakfast cereals? Where do you look for a new job or a life partner? There is no doubt that people rely on smartphones for every aspect of life. Today, businesses that aren’t mobile-friendly are bound to sink into oblivion. Therefore, having a dedicated mobile platform is the need of the hour. It should be accessible and easy to use.

The majority of hardware device manufacturers prefer Android as the default OS, and thus the Android OS has more than 70 percent market share. It is an open-source platform, and most app development tools are free. An android app is highly customizable and compatible. It implies you develop the app once, and it automatically fits on windows, mac, and Linux systems. An exclusive mobile app is equivalent to a high return on investment as it is a sure-shot way to reach out to a large customer base. So, in this article, we have explained the best possible ways to onboard top android developers.

1. Be clear with your requirements

A mobile app makes it easier for the customer to avail of the products and services of your business. Based on the type of industry, you can provide direct support to the customers or have other channels to address their queries. Plus, you also decide between the app type, native, hybrid, or cross-platform.

Ensure to discuss the security aspects and post-development tasks, as the candidates need knowledge and experience in bug fixing, post-submission support, and maintenance. Therefore, Hire Android Developers who have a wholesome idea of the various tasks helps you determine the eagerness and interest of the developers.

2. Check the programming skills

Java and Kotlin are the two main programming languages used in Android app development. Along with basic coding and algorithms, the developers need to know the latest libraries and frameworks. Also, the developer should be competent in using Android SDK views, layouts, and lifecycle. So, you need to check their comfort level in working on Android Studio IDE and APIs for integrating third-party services.

Furthermore, the ideal candidates should have a thorough understanding of databases as the apps deal with a chunk of data so that they should be able to choose the apt data types and storage amenities.    It is advisable to filter the best ones by conducting online tests for technical skills. One can also assess the candidates’ suitability by knowing their past experiences and projects. Thus, it is imperative to check the online portfolio of the candidates.

3. Judge their ability to articulate

Developers need to get inputs from sales, marketing, and operations teams to develop customized apps. The ability to communicate is a must during the analysis, design, deployment, and support phase. In addition, they will have to understand the logic of business decisions.

Go through the candidates’ past working portfolios or projects, ask them to explain the functionality, design aspects, and challenges they faced. Also, give them real-time project scenarios and ask situation-based questions. It helps evaluate technical problem-solving skills and the ability to articulate the issues.

4. Check the culture-fit parameter

Company culture is a broad term, and it refers to principles, values, and working models. It shows the work flexibility, the duration for quality control, and productivity levels of the employees. Often, there can be variations of working mode in different teams. Therefore, it is a must to approximate the team fit of a prospective employee.

Those with similar motives can engage well with team members and have higher productivity rates. It makes the onboarding process smooth and results in higher overall productivity. Professionals who do not fit in a team are more likely to leave the company.

5.  Hire a quick learner

It is unbelievable that Google introduced Android a few years ago, in 2008. Initially, it was used for apps like Gmail, Calendar, and YouTube. Today we have more than 2.5 million standalone apps in Google Playstore. And, every year, there are updates in various features like graphic design, privacy, and security.

Thus, Android developers must adhere to Material Design guidelines while building innovative and easy-to-use apps. Moreover, they need to learn the latest technologies like augmented reality and artificial intelligence to enhance user experience and analytics since such kinds of jobs are only suitable for people who can quickly adapt to changing environments and trends.

Final thoughts

Today we have android apps for online transactions, paying bills, retail shopping, beauty and body care services, etc. Some apps help you monitor your health, productivity, and even expenditure. Thus, people rely on these apps for their everyday tasks. Also, the platform is open-source; as a result, there is heavy competition in the market.

Significantly, the business owners have to get feedback and see that their app has all desired features. Also, Businesses need to ensure that their mobile platform is simple to use and unique. Lastly, managers and the hiring team have to select proficient android developers with a positive attitude and a penchant for learning.