10 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Thailand


It is no surprise that Thailand is one of the top travel destinations in the world. It is also South Asia’s far-established tourism idol.

Starting from ancient sites and powdery chalk-white beaches to lively markets and glittering Buddhist temples.

Thailand tourist attractions are so assorted, you will go gaga while planning a trip to Thailand.

The Grand Palace

You must visit the magnificent Grand Palace, as it is the capital’s most known landmark and the world’s most frequent tourist attraction. The Grand Palace welcomes 8 million tourists annually every year.

1782 to 1925, the Grand Palace was the residence of the kings of Siam. Later Thailand became the royal court and administrative seat of the government.

Today if you visit Thailand, you will see the Grand Palace and its beautiful compounds that have the spiritual heart of the Thai kingdom.

The palace is used mainly for hosting royal ceremonies and some official events. It shows elegant craftsmanship. The amazing buildings have ornate royal halls, pavilions, and temples surrounded by lavish gardens and courtyards.

Thailand’s most sacred Buddhist site, Emerald Buddha Temple, has a highly revered Buddha image, engraved from a single block of jade. Once it is dark the lit Grand Palace looks captivating.

Bangkok’s Floating Market

The best time to visit the floating market is in the morning. Almost all of Bangkok’s floating markets are situated outside the city center.  You will see longtail boats, wooden vessels stored with goods, and exotic tropical fruits.

Don’t miss the tasty Thai snacks from the floating kitchens. Lots of opportunities for fantastic photography. Damnoen Saduak is the liveliest floating market southwest of Bangkok in Ratchaburi.

If you want to taste some authentic local flavor then head down to Amphawa Floating Market in Samut Songkhram or Taling Chan which is just 7 miles from midtown Bangkok.

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai

It is not only a symbolic and important city which has the embodiment of ancient Lanna KingDom but also Thailand’s holiest Buddhist site with a lot of

spiritual and historical significance.

No wonder why there are so many visitors, also devout pilgrims come to this holy temple.

You have to climb the 300 or step up to the summit of Doi Suthep Mountain to get to the spot. Or a cable car is another option.

Chiang Mai Night Markets

To have a good Thai travel experience you should visit the night markets of Chiang Mai. There are markets which are specialized in handicrafts, silverware, ethnic attire, and souvenirs made by the local hill tribes.

The best day to visit this place is Sunday, that too in the evening. Running through a mundane street in the old city. You will find a hundred stalls that sell anything from hand-dyed textiles to essential oils, and street foods obviously.

If you want to just relax and look for a place, don’t worry you will find makeshift bars and massage zones.

Sukhothai Old City

Sukhothai is one of the most known historical sites in Thailand. Sukhothai literally means “dawn of happiness”, it attracts fewer visitors, who are interested in history. Ayutthaya being the counterpart of Sukhothai can be smoothie explored by a cycle.

It is situated in a World Heritage Historical Park with hundreds of ancient ruins that cover royal palaces, Buddhist temples, stupas with statues, and monuments that have water features.


It is contained in a World Heritage Historical park that lies across an island encircled by three rivers and deep moats.

The highlight of this place is the 39-foot long statue of the Buddha and its head entwined with tree roots.

It’s an hour’s drive to the south if you take a boat from Bangkok. Enjoy the river voyage.

Khao Yai National Park

Among many national parks in Thailand, you must visit Khao Yai for its beautiful waterfalls in the famed Haew Narok falls. There are campsites where you can go out camping overnight.

The ultimate scene is the Asian elephants, which is a rare opportunity to see these amazing creatures enjoying freedom in their natural environment. Khao Yai is the largest intact monsoon forest in Asia.

It has everything: rainforest, lakes, mountains, grasslands. It has diverse wildlife and birds and thousands of plant species. Black bears and hornbills too, call the park their home.


Beaches in Thailand are plenty. But spoken generally the best beach stunners are in the south. There are two prime tourist areas in the east and west.

A paradise for beachgoers not just some of the beautiful beaches in Asia but on the entire planet. There are excellent facilities, services, and resorts for tourists to enjoy.

Phang Nga Bay

It’s the top tourist spot, protected by a marine national park with shallow, calm waters. Since it is in clear condition, therefore it is perfect for boating.

To enjoy this view you must take a longtail boat, speed boat, or yacht.

Leisurely pass by the limestone karts, but the iconic Koh Ta-pu (Nail Island in Thai) better called ‘james bond island’ is a must-visit


It’s a chilling spot to visit, for its controversial structures. Even after repeated bombings, the bridge stands with its head held high, even today. The railway line is abandoned but few of them are in operation.

It is possible to walk on the bridge or travel over with a local train from Kanchanaburi; it will pass over the river Kwai to Nam Tok.

The two-hour train ride has become popular especially for its hunting history.


Thailand is indeed a place to visit, you can never be bored of the place as it has so many places to go. On one trip maybe it is not possible to enjoy all the scenarios with various stories behind them.

A place filled with waterfalls, animals, temples, markets especially the land of Buddha needs at least two trips to embrace the beauty of this place. This article is mainly for those who are planning a trip to Thailand and looking for tourist spots.

Leave us a comment below by sharing your experience after visiting the Land of Smiles.

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