7 Tips on how to increase your business awareness with social media marketing

If you want to expand your firm, you must have a strong brand. It seems to reason that the more people who are aware of your brand, the more of your product or service you will sell. Furthermore, social media is an excellent platform for increasing brand recognition.

What is brand awareness?

Brand awareness is the extent to which a brand is recognized by potential customers and accurately connected with a certain product or service is referred to as brand awareness. In the case of a small firm, brand awareness may not achieve eponym status (for example, asking for a Kleenex instead of tissue), but simpler versions are considered successful. This might imply:

  • Consumers who are aware of your company’s reputation.
  • When a social media user comes across your ad in their feed, they already know it’s going to be humorous.
  • Customers choose your brand above others, even if there are cheaper alternatives.
  • Users using your company’s name or other branded phrases through search engines.

Winalll is now a part of the Digital Marketing and social media family, but you can see in the example below that one of the top queries that led to their site traffic was their brand name and awareness for the brand. This is good brand awareness.

Choose the right social media platform

There are several social media channels available to assist you in connecting with your target audience. The issue, however, is locating the proper platform to assist you in achieving that aim. When it comes to social media marketing, “more” does not always imply “better.” Choose carefully the platforms on which you will establish your brand.

Analyze the merits and limitations of each platform to help you get started. Consider its active user base’s demographics and how simple (or difficult) it will be to get your material into its feeds. Choose the one that will best help you develop an engaged community of devoted consumers. Make it your beginning point, and then continue to grow your brand by adding more social media platforms as you go.

Post Your Content Consistently

You may raise brand recognition by publishing on your social media sites on a regular basis. Staying active and publishing on a regular basis helps to boost your visibility across several channels. This is one technique to enhance your exposure on social media and increase your chances of making an impression on your audience’s minds.

While developing your strategy for posting across several social media networks, keep in mind the best time to publish on each site. There are several times and days when the audience is most active. Determine the ideal time to publish on social media networks and organize your social media strategy accordingly.

Encourage Your Audience to Share Your Content

One of the most powerful aspects of this sort of marketing is social sharing. You not only reach your immediate audience, but also their network. The act of sharing is received as a recommendation from a friend, family member, influencer, or peer, which is critical in persuading potential customers to become customers. People who love reposting search for posts with a sense of humor, articles with strong morals, and those that elicit an emotional response.

Leverage Trending Topics to Create Content

The audience enjoys discussing current events. Returning to the beneficial effect of increasing social media discourse, we may conclude that involvement can improve brand awareness.

In order to spark dialogues, incorporate information about significant and timely trends into your content strategy. This will also assist to improve your brand’s reputation as a reliable source of knowledge and information.

While it’s fantastic to have your audience talking about your brand, you need also to know what kinds of discussions they’re having. You may use decent social listening technology to track all social media conversations about your business and utilize the information you gain to develop a valuable experience for your audience.

Approach Niche Influencers

People with a large number of followers/subscribers are referred to as “social media influencers.” I’m referring to either well-known individuals or well-known social media pages that appeal to the same (or a similar) target audience as you. However, avoid influencers that are directly competing with your brand’s products and services.

If you’re selling ecological food, for example, you can approach various local chefs, popular cooking blogs, or anyone who talks about food. You will frequently have to negotiate a fee with these influencers in order for them to advertise your business/products to their devoted following.

Try to Make Your Content Go Viral

Social media provides several chances to expand the reach of your brand. One of the most significant advantages of social media marketing is the possibility of becoming viral. Indeed, the ordinary internet user shares a lot of information on social media.

If you create an outstanding video (which is generally what goes viral), many of your followers would gladly spread it so that more of their friends may benefit from it.

Furthermore, there is another psychological factor at work in this equation: sharing something grants you social status. The majority of individuals identify with the things they have in common. As a result, if you can “touch” your audience’s emotions and interests while emphasizing their uniqueness, and personality, you can trigger an immediate drive to share.

Consistent branding across all channels and your website

Create and follow a branding style guide. Define the colours that your firm will employ for branding and stick to them. Don’t mix and match logos; instead, pick one and stick with it. Make certain that your branding is consistent throughout all of your social media platforms, as well as your website and blog. Consistency makes it easier for others to recognize you and raises brand recognition.


Growing a company’s brand recognition is crucial to its success. With these techniques, you may easily increase your brand’s social media presence. There are several factors and moving elements to consider, not to mention the various social media outlets that must be approached differently. However, if you follow the advice above, you will be well on your way to increasing brand recognition, which will lead to increased revenue and company growth. You can hire a Digital Marketing Agency to manage your social media programs.

AuthorDavina Claire is a content marketer who currently works at winalll, USA. A writer by day and reader by night, she has an interest in a wide range of topics and works in an Ecommerce Marketing agency. When she is not with her notebook and pen, you can find her humming in her kitchen or garden or simply curled up on the sofa watching documentaries.