Launch Zocdoc Clone App – The Need of Hour For Healthcare Businesses

Smartphones play a significant role in our lives – Think about the situation when you are not feeling well and need someone’s assistance quickly on the spot. Your first option is to get help via a smartphone. Thanks to doctor appointment booking apps that are easy to install on devices and enable consulting with doctors anywhere. The popularity of online doctor appointment booking apps is climbing the charts, especially after the onset of COVID-19 when the demand of healthcare professionals is higher. 

Digital doctor appointment booking apps make it possible to handle multiple functionalities from one place like bookings, cancellations, follow-ups, etc. However, If you are one from the healthcare industry and desire to enrich your business, then Zocdoc Clone app development is the best option made for you.

Introducing Zocdoc

Emerged in the market 2007, the Zocdoc aims to strengthen its business operations by offering the most reliable services. It serves as an online healthcare platform that enables patients to book appointments quickly with the desired healthcare professional. This app has a vast network of cardiologists, dentists, general physicians, and other healthcare professionals on its platform. People using the app have made their lives easier and saved tons of time for them.

Latest Facts & Some Insightful Information About Zocdoc Like App

Entrepreneurs are in the mood to position themselves in the digital healthcare industry strongly. And that’s where Zocdoc proves to be a top inspiration for many. If you are on the same road to building a Zocdoc like app, then the latest facts on Zocdoc make you take the decision more quickly.

  • As per the recent survey, it is seen that more than 50% of patients prefer to book appointments online. Also, 73% of healthcare professionals go with online bookings placed by the patients.
  •  The worldwide healthcare industry is expected to see a spike of 15% in growth by the end of 2028. Due to the lockdown and rise in novel coronavirus, the demand for doctor appointment booking app development is likely to boom in the coming years.

The High Demand Of App Solutions In Healthcare Industry Among-

Entrepreneurs: Planning to grow in the healthcare industry? If so, the Zocdoc clone app perfectly supports you to enrich your enterprise. Speedy growth in the healthcare sector will bring a great advantage to you if you have a powerful on-demand doctor appointment booking app. 

Healthcare Centers: There is also an excellent opportunity for medical centers, clinics, and hospitals to enrich their businesses by developing high-standard apps like Zocdoc. Healthcare centers can earn massive revenue and a solid customer base with such app development. 

Doctors/Healthcare service providers: There is also an option for healthcare service providers to stay virtually connected with patients by having the most hassle-free solution in place. With a powerful app integrated with the latest features for easy access, healthcare providers can make their businesses trend in the global healthcare market.

Must-Have Features Of Zocdoc Clone App

Before you get your hands on the most robust healthcare mobile app like Zocdoc, you have to give your main focus to the end-user and their expectations. You need to add all the necessary features inside the app that makes the app stand out in the healthcare industry.

Advanced doctor search: The essential feature you need to add to the Zocdoc clone app. Patients should be given the option to make an advanced search of doctors based on some criteria such as expertise, doctor’s profile, waiting time, etc. 

Real-time Tracking: It is also one of the essential features you can consider adding to a mobile healthcare app. This feature allows users to keep track of heart rate, blood pressure, calories, pulse, etc., in real-time. Doctors also, with this feature, can track the health progress of patients remotely. 

Scheduling: Another important feature of the app is that it allows doctors to work with calendars, manage appointments, or schedule medicine intake time. 

Multiple Payment Options: The doctor appointment booking app feature allows patients to pay for medical service via any method like credit/debit card, e-wallet, etc. 

Geo-Location Based Search: This feature enables patients to search for doctors and clients in their nearby area of either residence or work. 

Appointment Booking: You can also give patients a feature to set future dates based on the doctor’s availability. Doctors can further either accept or reject the appointments as per the availability. 

Establishing Your Healthcare Business – A Guide To Build An App Like Zocdoc For Healthcare Service Providers 

Start With In-depth Research: In this phase, you have to take a close look at your competitor’s apps, make an in-depth analysis of their business, consider the missed opportunities, and combine all this to meet your patient needs. Only in-depth research can help you launch the perfect app. 

Planning Is the Next Step: On the next step, you have to decide on the features you want to include inside your app and the technology you have to rely on. As your doctor appointment booking app is going to store personal information related to patients, it is important for you to keep that information highly-secure. For this, you can go with encryption technologies inside the software. 

Design, Develop, Test & Deploy: Here comes the app creation process, where you have to decide on the app’s visuals. You ensure your app has an intuitive user interface, an easy-to-navigate booking system, and all necessary features. Before deploying the app, testing is also necessary to know how smooth and secure the app is. Once you are done with the final improvements, your doctor appointment booking app is ready to deploy. 

Building The Most Powerful Doctor Appointment Booking App With An Expert App Developer

It makes complete sense to invest your valuable time, effort, and money in building a robust doctor appointment booking app to stand you apart from rest. Hence, when it’s about Zocdoc Clone app development, you need an experienced team of healthcare app developers by your side. The right blend of experience, skills, and expertise in building a healthcare app will surely make a massive difference to your business success story.