You Need To Do These 7 Things To Be A Successful Staffing Firm

You Need To Do These 7 Things To Be A Successful Staffing Firm

Nothing is perfect in the world, and everything needs improvement over time. A staffing firm is one such entity, which always has room for improvement in the way the staffing firm works to develop good relationships with their clients. The best staffing agency Dubai often goes beyond to satisfy their clients to continue investing in the company for years to come. The popularity of the staffing firm is on the rise, with surveys showing that the utilization of staffing firms for talent acquisition is at 32%, which is 6% higher than the soccer of 26% last year. This article provides you with some essential tips to go your relationship with the clients and stay ahead of the competition:

1.  The recruitment process should be streamlined

Maintaining a strong relationship with the client is the utmost important job of a staffing firm; this is the core of the business since its establishment. Therefore, you need to perform many tasks that include answering many emails, addressing the client’s queries, and searching for potential candidates for the job. This can be exhausting sometimes when you consider olden days. But the modern era demands streamlining recruiting with better processes and technologies available today. There are three tools, best staffing agency Dubai uses to maintain the relationship with clients more efficiently.

●      Customer Relation Management System (CRM)

This tool helps you to regulate the communication with your client. It ensures that everyone in the staffing firm builds a strong relationship with clients via good communication; this will push the sales higher. By using the CRM, you can respond to the clients efficiently, collaborate with the client on accounts needed and share important information with the clients.

●   Application Tracking System (ATS)

Using a good ATS can help you organize the applicant’s record and arrange them efficiently to make the recruitment hassle-free. The system allows you to filter out the under qualified candidates by asking yes/no questions. The questions can be custom developed according to the position; the applicants are applying in the company. In addition, there is the provision of custom work channels for tracking purposes and merging duplicate applicant’s records.

●   Collaborations tools (Social)

Today’s clients of the staffing firms demand an up-to-date culture in the firm, where the staffing firms are well aware of the status of potential candidates. Therefore, the firms must always inform the potential candidates before their job role is ever posted or before they are self-aware to look for a new job. The social collaboration tools can assist you with these tasks while getting integrated with the pre-existing social media practices.

2.   A ‘follow-up’ system needs to be created

To keep the business running for the long term, you need to make sure that you follow up the emails, phone calls, and inquiries of all the clients, whether they are existing ones or prospects. A follow-up system will help you track your employee’s follow-up practices to keep an up-to-date record of communication with clients and accounts. Thanking the client back, reaching out to them via emails after the required position is filled by the client’s company as some practices to get the client involved now and then.

3.    Mobile optimization is necessary

Maximum users on the internet access the service through mobile devices. If you have not carried out mobile optimization for your website, you are losing clients and potential candidates. This will have adverse impacts on your revenues. Studies have shown that 57% of the corporate clients negatively perceive the staffing firms whose website is not mobile compatible. So it goes for the candidates, with the percentage reaching an even more prominent figure of 73%. So make sure your website, app, and emails are mobile-ready.

4.  Sharing of success stories

Creating case studies related to successful projects can help you convince the clients, who might know your firm but are in a dilemma, to collaborate with you. Sharing success stories help you be more interactive with the clients, and you will pursue them in making video testimonials. Provide the recruiters with the necessary tools and training so that they can create a polished product.

5.  Respond to feedback over social media

Social media have changed over time; it is not confined to just connecting with individuals, but marketing and feedback systems also. The clients and prospects can connect to you over social media. They can speak about if the website is down, any good or bad service, ask you queries through Facebook, Twitter, or the website contact page.  Make sure you respond to these. It will enhance your credibility and show that you are always there for the public.

6.  Understand the industry

In-depth knowledge regarding few industries is much more appreciated than a partial or shallow knowledge of many industries. Therefore, start putting effort into knowing about your client’s industry and its requirements in terms of the workforce; this will help you acquire and retain valuable clients for the long run.

7. Collect the feedback from clients

Actively track the feedback from clients, whether they are positive or negative. This will help you to assess yourself in a better way and work on your weak points. You also get to know what is the thing you are doing correctly and continue those practices.


Becoming a successful staffing firm is a continuous process of learning and removing the flaws in your work process. The best staffing agency Dubai understands this very well and keeps working towards achieving the goal.

Author Bio:

Sunny Chawla is a Managing Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency. He specializes in helping client for international recruiting, staffing, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses.