Best 8 Tips To Improve The Efficiency Of Your Recruitment Process

Best 8 Tips To Improve The Efficiency Of Your Recruitment Process

It is found that, on average, companies take 36 days to fill in a vacant position, and the cost that is inculcated in the process is about $4.25. Not every company in the world can invest that much time and money in every new hiring.  This is the reason you need to optimize the recruitment process to get the most of every recruitment drive.

Companies need to focus on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their recruitment process. Some companies resort to consulting experts to help them remove flaws; find out here the best recruitment consultant to have more robust recruitment. Apart from these are the several tips to improve the recruitment efforts.

1.  Using Application Tracking System ATS system

 An ATS system is a highly crucial component of recruitment these days. It helps you to keep track of the applicant throughout the entire recruitment process. The effective use of ATS is during the initial screening process, where it benefits to segregate the potential candidates from a massive list of applicants, which is a very tiresome job if done manually. The system often uses a list of pass/fail questions to do this filtering task.

2. Improving the Job Description

 A perfect Job Description (JD) is the first step towards good hiring. It is essential to include crucial details regarding the job, like the salary, job profile, responsibilities, location, etc. It will provide clarity to the candidates applying for the job. Avoid giving unnecessary details to the applicants because it will complicate things and lower the number of candidates applying for the job, which ultimately narrows the talent pool.

3.   Effective Communication skills

It is not advisable to stop communication with interested prospects in the middle of a hiring process. You need to be in touch with them, even by an email you send every week; this will keep them engaged with your company. If the prospects haven’t heard from you in a while, they might have a second thought on looking for a job in other companies, and you will lose good hiring.

4.  Take help from current employees

You can take the help of the existing company employees to boost up the recruitment without ramping up the hiring cost. There are two techniques that companies can use to engage the current employees in their recruitment strategy.

●    Inside Hiring

The company’s existing employees have a better knowledge of the workings of the company than any new hire. So, before opening a recruitment drive or asking for recommendations from employees, look for the person who is best suited for the job within the company, and promote them to that higher position. This will help in the career development of the existing employees and boost engagement of the employees lowering the turnover ratio.

●   Referrals

Most of the time, The employees of the company have connections with people in other companies having the same type of job profile. Thus, they can provide the best people to fill in an open position in the company. The hiring and training cost of these referrals is generally lower because they have prior knowledge of the job role.

5.  Streamlining the Interviews

The HR department is well equipped with the source, vet, and interview candidates but often lag the onsite knowledge of the job role. The candidates who get hired ultimately have to work under a superior authority like a manager from any department. It is a good idea to consult with the manager to streamline the interview process, with job-related questions to note down the candidate’s persona and match it to the standardized template for the given job role.

6.  Display you Culture

 The culture of a company is the organization’s personality, which needs to be highlighted in the early stages of the recruitment marketing process. Potential candidates care about the environment in which they are going to work in. Apart from salary, job role, location the culture is a significant factor in applying for the job. Incorporating employee testimonials on the website can help you attract more candidates to apply for the job.

7.  Improving Brand strategy

The brand of the company helps you to attract more candidates. You should be more concerned about your employer brand.  Enhancing the company’s reputation as an employer makes a place for you on the wish list of many job seekers because this is what they think of your brand. The companies can update existing content, create promotional materials to display the new and improve employer brand. Find out here the best recruitment consultant who will help you improve your employer brand strategy.

8.  Attend or Host events

Attending or hosting events like job fairs or other industrial events can be fruitful in your search for elite candidates present in the market. It provides you a chance to meet the candidate in person without reviewing the resumes. The events related to the industry invite only those who are genuinely interested in working in that industry, which helps you to skip the initial part of screening the candidates altogether. This will improve recruitment efficiency as you can get hold of some real gems in the market.


The key to improving recruitment is not that simple. You need to apply trial and error of all the tips to see what combination works best for you. Find out here the best recruitment consultant to boost your hiring process, as they will help you get the right talent for your company.

Author Bio:

Sunny Chawla is a Managing Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency. He specializes in helping client for international recruiting, staffing, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses.