4 Things You Can Do To Avoid Failed Wedding Photo Books

Wedding Photo Books
White classic wedding book and album

Every newly wed couple wants to enjoy the most magical of fairytale wedding days, in the company of family and friends. To capture the romance of the special occasion, a professional photographer is usually commissioned to capture stunning images. The spectacular photographs are then displayed in luxury wedding photo books that become treasured keepsakes.

If you dream of having a collection of Insta-worthy photos of your big day, elegantly arranged in a chic weeding photo album that is the envy of all of your friends, here are 4 tips to help you avoid epic photography failure…

1. Pick A Photographer On Your Wavelength

If you have the budget to go pro with your wedding day photography, it’s essential that you choose your photographer with care. Not all professional wedding photographers have the same level of skill or creativity, or even work in the same way. It’s therefore important to do some research, and to check out a range of photographer portfolios, before you commit to book a wedding day photo shoot.

Don’t be afraid to ask the photographers questions, to find out what you can expect from them on your special day. It will also give you an opportunity to discover if you’re on the same wavelength with each other. The more comfortable you are with a photographer, the greater the scope of images that they will be able to successfully capture. When you build a rapport with someone you like, they will naturally want to go the extra mile to ensure that you are happy with their service.

If your wedding budget is limited, and the services of a professional photographer are not within your affordable price range, it’s fine to ask a friend to shoot your wedding, provided that they have some basic skills. Don’t feel obliged to take up someone’s offer out of kindness. You may just end up with a selection of snaps that are not worthy of public display!

2. Mix ‘N’ Match Photography Styles

To create wow factor wedding photo books, it’s an excellent idea to include a variety of different styles of photography. A wedding photo album that features only standard poses that lack personality, elegance or style, is predictable and unappealing to browse at leisure.

Take inspiration from your wedding theme, to avoid taking cliché wedding shots. Opt for a mix of fun and classy poses that showcase your personalities and personal interests. Make sure that your photographer takes plenty of candid photos of your guests, along with strikingly intimate poses of you and your new spouse.

Traditional wedding photography is a popular style because it typically includes guided and directed shots. Portrait wedding photography is a formal style that can produce some of the most breathtaking photos of the blushing bride and over-the-moon happy groom. These printed portraits often end up gracing the pages of personalised wedding albums, as well as featuring in beautiful frames that are hung on a wall.

If you prefer a more informal style, reportage photography is the ideal choice.

Documentary shooting creatively captures images that tell a fairytale story as it naturally unfolds throughout the course of the wedding day. The images captured are emotive, natural and real, as there is no posing involved.

If you have another specific idea in mind for your wedding photos, let your photographer know well in advance. They will be able to advise you on whether the aerial shot or specific posed arrangement is possible.

Give your wedding photographer the go-ahead to shoot photos from non-traditional angles. When no angle is off limits, you can end up with spectacular images that are wonderfully unique and artistically aesthetically pleasing.

3. Consider Editing

Wedding photos are definitely considered to be a prized souvenir that allows a couple to relive their wonderful big day over and over again. Ideally, your wedding photo album will be filled, from the first page to the last, with awesome imagery that you are proud to show off.

Although you may imagine that your photo book will be packed with glossy magazine style photographs, you may actually end up with a pile of snaps that you’re disappointed with. It’s impossible to imagine what photographers will look like when they are printed, as they are being snapped. There is simply no guarantee that you’ll end up with a winning array of wedding photos.

If you’re seriously dissatisfied with your failed wedding photos, ask your professional photographer to masterfully edit them. Switching a colour photo to black and white can instantly transform the visual appeal of wedding photographs.

4. Display The Best Of The Worst

Even if you’re disappointed with your failed wedding photos, you are still likely to have a few images that are worthy of featuring in your stylish and luxurious wedding photo books. Pick out the very best, and arrange your double page spreads in a manner that draws attention to the crème of the crop.

You do not have to display wedding photos that you hate. But if you’re just being overly picky, about particular poses or group shots, consider including them in your photo album collection, especially if they help to tell your love story. When you shift your perspective, it’s easier to accept that an un-filtered shot of you that you don’t highly rate may happen to tick many other boxes in regards to what makes a good photo.

It may also be possible for you to retake portrait shots of you and your beloved, to replace the failed ones that you’re not happy with.