5 Ways to Reface your Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is the golden heart of the house. It is that one room used to prepare the most important thing in our lives: food. It is vital to have a well-maintained and nicely functioning kitchen to cook good food every day.

Moreover, the kitchen is the most utilized place of the house. It is always in the eyes, so it is very important to pay special attention to the entire look and feel of the kitchen. The kitchen area is very much prone to wear and tear as it is used quite often.

The first thing that goes bad in the kitchen is the cabinets. Our kitchen cabinets contain much important stuff. The kitchen cabinets are opened & shut quite often, which is why the polish comes off easily. Thus, it is important to pay special attention to the kitchen cabinets.

However, it is not always necessary to upgrade the kitchen with tons of investment. You can always opt for hacks and DIY methods to fix your kitchen. Your kitchen cabinets can also be easily refaced using these DIY methods.

You can reface your kitchen cabinets on your own. This blog will walk you down through the process of refacing kitchen cabinets. We have come up with a list of ideas, tips, and tricks to help you refacing your kitchen cabinets.

  1. Get Your Hands On All The Supplies

Before you even begin refacing your kitchen cabinets, it is essential to gather all the materials required for the process. You must look for the tools set in your house. If there isn’t one, place an order without wasting any time.

Secondly, you should decide on a new color scheme for the cabinets and then order new cabinet doors. In case you’ve decided to paint them, you must order beat quality paints for the cabinets.

Make sure you have gathered all the necessary supplies before you dive into the process. Without all the required supplies available, it would be nothing but a mess and failure. You can also write down all the things you need to manage everything in a synchronized manner.

  1. Prepping The Old Kitchen Cabinets

It would be best if you clear out all the kitchen cabinets before starting the procedure. There should be no bits left inside the cabinet. You can also disinfect the cabinets once everything is out.

You need to remove all the old hardware from the kitchen cabinets. However, make sure you properly dispose of all the old stuff. If you are changing the cabinet doors, you need to remove them as well.

The last step involves thoroughly wiping and cleaning all the dirt and dust from the cabinets. You can use a tack cloth soaked in warm water for cleaning purposes. It effortlessly clears out all the dirt and gunk from the surface.

  1. Veneer Application

Before you begin with the veneer application, there is a very important step that you must not miss out on. Sanding the surfaces is the key step in all the up-cycling projects. It makes the surface smooth and preps it for veneer or paint application.

Once the cabinet area has dried after the cleaning, start sanding the outside area gently. You only need to sand the areas that will receive veneer applications. However, remember not to be too hard with the sandpaper.

When you are satisfied with the job of sandpaper, get your wood veneer out. Be a little careful with the veneer, and do not over-apply it. Only the outside frame needs veneering. You can also use veneer sheets for large areas like sides.

  1. The Installation

The installation process is a little time taking if it is something new for you. You can always take help from YouTube videos and tutorials on cabinet installation. It does half of the work a piece of cake for people.

Make sure all the screws and hinges are intact. Don’t use any old and rusted screws or hinges, as it will greatly impact the durability of your newly refaced cabinets. Thus, it is said to be the best practice to buy new screws when refacing the cabinets.

Installing new cabinet doors is always better than refacing them again and again as the wood declines over time. You can reface other elements of the kitchen cabinets. One can also take help from service providers for cabinet refacing Toronto.

  1. Focus On Details

A cabinet or drawer full of carefully done details is always appealing to the eyes. A well-decorated and nicely designed kitchen makes it easier to work in the kitchen. It makes the whole cooking experience quite pleasant.

You can make use of paint to add some extra details to the kitchen cabinets. There are tons of ideas available on Pinterest that you can make use of. Adding great hardware to the cabinets and drawers also increases their beauty.

You can always make use of the old hardware only if it’s still in good condition. However, if it is not the case, you must buy new and sturdy hardware. It makes the entire refacing procedure last longer than you expected.

The Final Thoughts

Cabinet refacing is a common practice these days. People often reface their kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom cabinets, cupboards, and drawers. It gives a new look to the furniture without costing you a lot.

If you are new to cabinet refacing, it might be a little difficult for you to comprehend. However, once you get hold of everything, it will be a piece of cake for you. Moreover, it will become your favorite therapeutic thing to do.

There are countless resources available on the web for you to learn about refacing cabinets. You can make use of videos, blogs, and other resources to get started with it. We promise it is not as tricky and difficult as it sounds.

The entire refacing cabinets procedure has been discussed in detail above. We hope it helps you in refacing your kitchen cabinets. Please let us know if we missed out on some important tricks and tips.

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