Why You Should Invest in Quality Skincare

Your skin is your body’s largest organ and therefore, needs the proper products and beauty routine to maintain its suppleness and radiance. These days, there are many options in skincare formulas to choose from, but that doesn’t mean the ingredients will always deliver significant results. There are low-quality serums and lotions out there, and most just sit on the skin and do little else, and it becomes a waste of money. Skincare specialists are sharing their tips about high-quality skincare formulas and how these unique products can transform the skin at any age.

Backed By Science

When seeking a flawless complexion, the elements present in the formulas you topically apply to your face and neck truly matter. Active ingredients are those that have the backing of science and have been rigorously tested and used in studies to prove their efficacy.

Some active ingredients you will note on the bottles and jars of beauty formulas include anti-aging ingredients such as retinol, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, ceramides, hydroquinone, niacinamide, glycolic acid, and the list goes on. These are all unique in composition, and each has a function to perform in addressing a specific skincare issue of concern.

Beyond Drugstore Brands

There are plenty of popular drugstore brands, and you often watch their expensive TV commercials boasting about results you can see in 21 days, etc. However, these cheaper formulas are known to use low-quality ingredients along with chemicals, irritants, preservatives, etc., and don’t get down to your skin’s cellular level.

In other words, drugstore skincare products have not been developed to feature the ideal molecular size that can penetrate deeply into the skin. They may contain some of the important ingredients but have been watered down.

To gain the benefits of youthful, glowing skin, dermatologists suggest upgrading your beauty routine by using a medical grade skincare brand. These sophisticated formulas have been carefully prepared with high-quality active ingredients that can actually affect structural changes to the skin and come with strong, clinical evidence.

Rachel Nazarian, MD, a board-certified dermatologist, has stated in interviews that most medical-grade companies use highly stabilized ingredients in their skincare products that last longer and take longer to degrade than you would find in the drugstore or over-the-counter brands.


Every individual in the universe has a unique complexion. Maybe you are challenged with acne or have fine lines and wrinkles that annoy you. It could be that sun damage has left you with hyperpigmentation issues or sagging skin, etc. Or maybe you desire smaller, tighter pores or to eliminate redness.

Whatever skin imperfections you have, there are specific formulas today that have been developed to improve these matters of concern. However, skincare can get confusing. You want to topically apply the best ingredients that are suited to your unique skin needs. That’s where a visit to the dermatologist comes in.

These skincare experts know exactly what active ingredients will work for your individual complexion and skincare goals. They have the medical training and experience to properly advise you on both medical grade and prescription formulas to build an effective skincare routine.

The more you learn about your own complexion will give you the background and knowledge in choosing your own skincare formulas online that are skin-safe and will work for you.

Flawless At Any Age

To maintain skin that looks healthy, radiant, clear, and smooth, you have to work at it. Just applying products that are seen as popular on television is not enough to go by.

Once you learn about your individual skincare needs and the active ingredients that can improve these common imperfections, you will see real results.

No one can avoid the aging process. It happens to supermodels, super athletes, and famous people, too. The approach you take to skincare, however, can make a difference and produce transformative results. More beautiful skin is available to all at any age.

Quality skincare may cost a bit more than drugstore brands, but the tiny investment reaps major benefits for your complexion. When you add skincare products with proven ingredients, you can be confident that these formulas are working and getting to the cellular level where skin repair and rejuvenation can be accessed.