Why does your bedroom air conditioning never work out the way you planned?

Portrait Of Happy Couple Holding Remote Control Air Conditioner
Portrait Of Happy Couple Holding Remote Control Air Conditioner

During summer, as the temperature outside increases, the heat inside the home will also go up. This heat builds up as the day goes on and reaches the peak during afternoon hours. You will feel the real wrath of this heat during the evenings and at night. This will have an adverse effect on your sleeping schedule.

Sleep is very important for a human being to function properly throughout the day. The summer nights could be a nightmare if you do not have a proper air conditioning system. Nobody wants to wake up in the middle of the night, drenched in sweat, and stay awake for the rest of the night.

So everyone has plans about getting the best air conditioning unit this summer. But if you are thinking it is as simple as opening a pack of crisps, you are terribly wrong.

But an experienced air conditioning company in London could help you choose the best home air conditioning unit in no time. Bedroom air conditioners must be selected based on a few parameters, which include the size of the room.

The best home air conditioning units are usually costly, so you must make the best choice that is both affordable and suits your needs well. The best air conditioning units have to depend on some external parameters for their ideal functioning.

Types of AC for Bedroom

Before going into the details, here are the different air conditioning units you can get for the bedroom.

  • Portable air conditioner
  • Window air conditioner
  • Ceiling air conditioner
  • Wall mounted air conditioner
  • Ductless mini-split air conditioner

Each of these has their own merits and demerits. So choose wisely when you go out shopping for one. The company that you are contacting can also help you with air conditioning maintenance London so that you can get expert help as soon as possible.

Comfort is the primary aim when installing an air conditioner in your house. So when you are not getting the results that you expected, it is time to check for faults. With air conditioning repair London, things are simple for you. Most companies will take up air conditioning service in London along with other stages like installation and maintenance.

Here are a few things you want to see before consulting these services. Some of these are to be taken care of before even planning to buy an air conditioner.

Size or Cooling Capacity

The simplest factor that determines the cooling capacity of the home air conditioning unit you need is the size of the bedroom. If you are not getting effective cooling off the bedroom, then the size of the room may be too large for your home air conditioner to cool down.

For a small bedroom (max. 20 square meters), an air conditioner with the capacity of approximately 2 to 2.5kW can be used. Similarly, if the room size is between 20 to 40 square meters, use a 2.5 to 5kW air conditioning unit. For larger bedrooms up to 60 square meters, you will need up to a 6kW capacity for your home air conditioning unit.


After you have decided upon the cooling capacity, it is time to find the location for the air conditioner. The placement has a chief role in the proper functioning of the device.

If you are feeling that the room is not cool enough or some parts of the room are not effectively cold, then you might want to make sure the following conditions are met.

Place AC to the side of the Bed

The general rule is never to let cold air blow directly on you. Place the AC perpendicular to the bed, so that the airflow is across your body while you sleep.

Never place it above your head or on the opposing wall to the bed. People who have done this have reported health issues like dry skin or dry throat when they wake up. Some have also had breathing difficulties during the night.

You can opt for the best air conditioning service London to get a Smart AC. These have the capability to automatically regulate the temperature using the reading from the sensors. So the energy consumption will be less.

Never put AC under sunlight

For the prolonged life of your home air conditioning unit never place it under direct sunlight. The AC will have to work harder to keep the room cool if it has to deal with sunlight on its own. It is advised to use drapes or curtains to prevent sunlight through the doors and windows.

Never above doors

Even if you have one of the best home air conditioning units, it will not function properly if you place it above the bedroom door.

Because of the frequent opening and closing of the doors, the cool air inside the room will escape. Thus the air conditioner has to work again to cool the room down to the required temperature.


Air conditioning installation in London is one of the easiest part of the process. But you have to follow certain rules to make sure the air conditioner has the perfect working condition. The above information will help you and your bedroom air conditioner have a better life.