Which Type Of Dumbbell Is Best For Home?

Exercise is good for health. We all know that but most people are highly dependent on their gym membership. With the pandemic, gyms are becoming a hotbed for germs and viruses so professionals are recommending people to switch to home gyms. Home gyms are an excellent way to help you stay healthy, active and save money. Even if you buy a good gym machine that you will be using in the long term, it will be considered as an investment in your health. This will also help you save money by discontinuing your gym membership. More people are now investing in home gyms that a recent study has shown a tremendous spark in the sale of gym equipment and sportswear.

According to the same study, three of the most sold items include treadmill, weights, and a yoga mat. As a man who wants to tone his body and get rid of the fat, the most important thing to buy is dumbbells. Weight-based training not only helps you strengthen your body, it also helps in improving the overall body posture, shape and helps you to tone your body. Your gym equipment is something that will be a long-term investment which is the reason you need to think before you buy something.

With the help of this article, we will talk about some of the most important things you need to consider before buying dumbbells. We will also talk about the types of dumbbells that you will be buying and why these dumbbells are much better than the rest in the market.

What to Keep In Mind Before Investing In Good Dumbbells?

When deciding about investing in good gym equipment is like investing in your food or a home appliance. This is because your gym equipment will be affecting your body and it will be staying with you for a long time. Before you start to invest in good gym equipment you need to keep a few things in mind. Some of these options have been listed below:

  • Know about the total time you have used this equipment or the time you will be using this equipment in future
  • Know about the budget that you have and the price of that equipment
  • Keep in mind the aim you have and where you will be using that
  • Know about the value of money
  • Buy equipment from a reliable brand only
  • Try to wait for the time when you can get a discount on the gym equipment

What Are The Types Of Dumbbells And What Is Ideal For Home Gym?

For the beginner who is not aware of it, there are three types of dumbbells. Each type has its own significance. You will have adjustable dumbbells, fixed dumbbells, and studio dumbbells.

Adjustable Dumbbells

With adjustable dumbbells, you will be able to change the weight according to your requirement. This is ideal for people who are into bodybuilding and muscle gain. You can use a bar, plates, or just any kind of adjustment. This kind of weight is ideal if you live with a family and there are more people who use your gym equipment. Apart from this, it is also good if you are going to opt for muscle gain professionally.


Fixed dumbbell limits your weight option because it allows you to use just one pair at a time with no adjustment in weight or length. It depends on the material and shape you choose, you can have something that is easy to adjust or something that is fixed.


Studio dumbbells are ideal for women because they are lightweight and portable. Most of the time, these weights have rubber coating so that you do not end up hurting yourself or the floor. Being a woman who likes to work at home, studio dumbbells are ideal so far.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, your aim for the work is very important. Being a woman your aim will be something different and so the dumbbells that you will be choosing will be completely different. On the contrary, if you are a man you will select something that suits your needs. People usually end up getting something substandard just because they are getting a good deal. Your gym equipment needs to be very good especially if you are getting gym weight. This is mainly important because weight-based training is very technical even a simple slip of hand will cause an injury. While most people think that dumbbells are just the same, you will notice that the brand and the material actually matters. Apart from this, if you do not use your dumbbells regularly avoid investing in them

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