What Profession to choose to Travel the World for Free

Frequent business trips with the opportunity to see different countries are the dream of many. If you successfully choose your profession, you can travel without special costs.

1. Animator

Cruise ships and resorts during high season are a place of activity for animators. To get a job as an animator, special education is not required – it is enough to have sociability, a sense of humor, charisma, and the ability to improvise.

2. Photographer

Shooting objects for a travel photographer can be different – famous people, historical events, sights, animals. Large publishers and Internet services need high-quality images. But You first need to learn Photography. Like you can learn Photography tips for shooting overhead.

3. Translator

The work of translators (especially simultaneous ones) is highly paid. You can work in an escort group of a famous person, at conferences, forums, exhibitions, etc.

4. Programmer / Web Designer

With the advancement of technology, programmers, website builders and designers can work remotely from anywhere in the world. And high earnings allow them to travel.

5. Writer / Content Manager

Many travel publications send their employees around the world to get unique stories. But selling the results of your writing on your own is just as profitable.

6. Trainer/instructor

Knowledge in a certain area and a desire to teach others are characteristic of these professions. Diving and skiing instructors are popular today. Yes, in fact, any coach whose ward got into the Major League will travel around the world for him.

7. Seaman of the long voyage

At all times, travel lovers have chosen this particular profession. For modern sailors, voyages have become much safer, but no one is immune from natural disasters and pirates.

8. Fisherman

Large fishing vessels sometimes sail for several months. The plus is that it is never too late to learn fishing, this profession is available for all ages, the main thing is to have excellent health.

9. Security guard

Like translators, guards always and everywhere follow their employer. This work is highly paid, but very risky.

10 circus artists

In the busy schedule of circus performers, there is often no place for personal life. Therefore, in many troupes, there are married couples, and sometimes even whole dynasties. But they always travel the world together.

11. Dancer

Dancers tour countries as part of dance groups, as “dancers” for pop performers, as well as “Go-go Dance” performers in clubs and at parties.

12. Tester of water slides and pipes

Large companies supplying water attractions send their specialists to resorts, whose task is to slide down the slides first after their installation and report on the strength and convenience of the attraction.

13. Artist

As a photographer, an artist can depict anything in his paintings, from portraits to landmarks. You can also travel around the world with the aim of presenting your creations to the public (both at exhibitions and on city streets).

14. Volunteer

People of various professions, from construction workers to nurses, can work for shelter and food. Helping people is the goal of volunteers all over the world. This is a great way for young people to gain experience in a certain activity and see the world without investing their own funds.

15. Lifeguard

For experienced lifeguards, there is always work on the beaches or mountain slopes, where they, in their free time, can also have fun and rest.

16. Trucker

The work of experienced truckers in the world is highly regarded and well paid. And if you get tired of transporting goods, you can drive a tourist bus and listen to the narrations of the guides all the way.

17. DJ

They love dancing to good music everywhere, so DJs are in demand at all resorts today. The pay for work, however, is not high, but you can rest and work wherever you want.

18. Architect/designer

People of these professions participate in tenders of various world companies. Modern technologies allow them, being anywhere, to work with customers remotely.

19. Pilot/flight attendant

In order to become a pilot you need a lot of knowledge and skills, but perhaps you cannot find a more romantic profession. And for flight attendants, it is enough to have a pleasant appearance, be sociable and be able to promptly come to the rescue.

20. Archaeologist / geologist

The search for objects and architectural buildings is not all that representatives of these professions are engaged in. Geologists are finding new deposits of oil, gas and other minerals. Archaeologists – help builders before the construction of new buildings.

21. Travel agent

The company dispatches agents all over the world to create resort reports for future clients. In addition, tour operators always need experienced guides to accompany tourists on their travels.

For example, if you want to travel to Italy then a Travel agent is the best profession you can choose. But you need to prepare all the documents before going to Italy. Here are the documents you need to travel to Italy.

22. Consultant

Specialized consultants, as well as crisis managers, are in demand in many large companies with branches around the world.

23. Ethnographer

It is interesting and exciting to study the life, culture and traditions of different peoples. Many ethnologists work as consultants for large companies negotiating with local residents in areas where new industrial projects are being built.

24. International lawyer

Of course, it is unlikely that you will be able to go exactly where you want with such a profession. But on the other hand, business trips of experienced lawyers are always fully paid.

25. Journalist / Correspondent

The journalist’s product is texts. Moreover, travel does not require a tourist theme. Journalists cover all world events, create reviews and articles on any topic.

26. Builder/handyman

There is always work for experienced builders. Large construction companies select their employees carefully; representatives of different nationalities can participate in the competition.

27. Sales Representative

Searching for new places of sale of products is the task of the sales representative. Often these searches involve traveling to different countries, concluding foreign treaties and negotiating.

28. Doctor

Specialists in the world who know the methods of healing, massage and cosmetology are especially in demand. You can get a job in a large resort center offering spa treatments and wellness programs. True, to work in a foreign country, sometimes you need to take additional courses.

29. Trader

The goal of a specialist working on stock exchanges and foreign exchange markets is to sell securities or goods (for example, grain) more profitably. Today, traders do not need to be present on the exchange; they can trade via the Internet from anywhere.

30. Craftsman

Souvenir makers, tattoo artists, hairdressers, musicians will always find work in places where tourists gather. Many craftsmen announce their itinerary in advance, collecting customers at the point of arrival.