What Problems Youth Are Facing Related To Mental Health

When we are talking about the youth of a country, we are talking about the country’s future because they are the ones who will be ruling the countries over the world in the near future. Now think if the youth is not healthy, how will they be able to hold this responsibility? When we talk about being healthy and fit, it does not just mean physically fit but mentally too. Let’s see the statistics and talk about them.

More than 20% of adolescents, 50% of teens, and 10% of children of age 5 to 16 years, experience mental health problems. When we talk about mental health, it includes being emotionally, psychologically, and socially well. Although some people don’t even realise they are mentally ill, it is not something to ignore. When you are mentally not fine, it affects all aspects of your life, from how you think, feel, and also the way you act.

Why Is Mental Health Important?

Why is mental health important, and how does it affects us? People and the society we live in don’t take this topic seriously as they think it’s not something people should pay much attention to as it is just an age factor, but NO. Mental health and disorders related to it are serious conditions that can affect your ability to relate to others and function in your daily life. If you are mentally fit, then these are the things you can do without struggling.

  • You will be able to manage the stresses of your life.
  • If your dopamine level is at a good level, you can only keep your biological clock right.
  • You can have good relationships with people around you when you are happy.
  • You can work productively.

There are many sub-related points other than the ones mentioned above. Overall all matters are you will feel more alive and when you will be waking up in the morning, and you will feel your head lite without any weightless burden. In addition, your mental health is important as it can affect your physical health, and you can face health problems like stroke, heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, and many more.

Problem Our Youth Is Facing Related To Mental Health

● Depression

Depression is not sadness; many people misunderstand it as sad and inactive. In reality, it is a state of severe mood disorder and a medical illness that can affect your thought process and affect your feelings. Its effects are:

  • Feelings of sadness.
  • Loss of interest in any kind of interesting activity.
  • A variety of physical and emotional problems.

In addition, it can decrease a person’s ability to perform effectively at work and home. You will feel the feeling of being distinct from everyone. It’s normal to feel sad and down at times of your life as nothing goes perfect, but if you are feeling this regularly, you should seek some help. First, try to talk to people around you, anyone from your family or your friend, when you feel no one understands your phase. It is advisable to seek some professional help, like going to therapy or to any psychologist.

●  Self-harm

This might be triggering for some as many of us went through this thought for least once in our lives. A person must be in a very different mindset if they are going through self-harm; it is hard to believe that self-harm is a common problem among youngsters. Sometimes, people going through chronic level depression and can not bear the pain that is hurting them from inside try to calm themselves by harming themselves.

● GAD (Generalised Anxiety Disorder)

GAD is known as excessive, exaggerated anxiety. People who are suffering from GAD usually are worried about everyday life events for no obvious reasons; they somehow expect disaster and cannot stop worrying about things around them like health, money, family, work, or school. Although all of us feel anxious at some point in our life, people with GAD worrying are often unrealistic or irrelevant to the situations they make.

They struggle to focus in their daily life because of the thoughts they don’t have control over; they are in a constant state of worry, fear, and dread. Eventually, their anxiety takes over them to such an extent that they can not do their daily routine things, can not focus on academic life, and can not be calm socially, including in their relationship at home. If you think you are somewhere suffering from GAD, then it is suggested to concern medical help, and it is something over time with the help of therapy you can cure and live your life without any insane thoughts.

●  PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder)

PTSD is a medical state triggered by some terrifying event or witnessing one. These symptoms include flashbacks, nightmares, and severe anxiety, including some uncontrollable thoughts about the events in the past. Many of us go through some traumatic event of our lives that may have temporary difficulty balancing and coping with usual life, but with time and good self-care, that can be cured. In cases, symptoms can get worse, and it can last for months and sometimes for years. Like every other mental health problem, it can also disturb your day-to-day functioning. If you think the symptoms of your problem match with PTSD, then it is prescribed to get yourself checked to an expert regarding this.

Trying To Escape Is Not A Good Option

We have often seen youngsters suffering from mental health but not sharing them with anyone. In conditions like this, they tend to get distracted and sometimes go into the wrong influence or habits; it sometimes goes to this extent that people try to harm themselves to get rid of the constant pain and suffering. We have often seen cases of teens and adult age students getting in positions of illegal drugs and including them in their daily habits. They think no one can understand what they are going through, and they won’t be able to explain themselves even, and at times like this, they try to escape and make these bad habits their way. Although some drugs are legal in some countries and places around the world, and there are some recreational places like recreational dispensary Arizona, always remember these things will only harm you in the long run. This could be your shortcut that may comfort you for a while, but if you want to live an actual healthy life, seek professional help and talk to people who truly care for you, like your family and friends.

How Can You Detect That You Are Suffering From Mental Health Problems

Sometimes it could be hard to know what you are feeling, whether the way you are feeling is normal or not. There are some things you can notice and tell whether you or people around you are suffering from mental health issues or not.

  • Change in the biological clock, we all have a basic daily routine of eating, sleeping, and working. If you cannot do it accordingly and smuggle in eating and sleeping, you might suffer from mental health issues.
  • If you get exhausted easily from your daily life cycle and think you have no or low energy.
  • Withdrawing from people and plans they make and activities you enjoy could be one of its symptoms too.
  • If you feel low and lost at times and nothing could comfort you, it is known as the feeling of numbness.
  • If your head feels like it is filled with multiple random thoughts that worry you, you can not get out of them; it could be one reason you suffer from mental illness.
  • If you are smoking, drinking, and taking more drugs than your usual consumption, you are simply trying to avoid feeling what is going inside you as you know no one else will understand, and this is one of the symptoms.
  • While you are suffering, you might have this feeling of unusual confusion, angriness, being upset, worried, or scared at times.
  • Most of the time, people suffer from severe mood swings.
  • If thoughts of self-harming come into your head as an option to escape from your suffering.

In short:

Mental health and its problem is not a trend; it is an actual sickness; if you do not pay attention, it can worsen like cancer and destroy you and everything around you. After reading the above article, if you feel like you are going through the same, you should talk to your parents and friends or anyone who is around you. Remember not to take any sudden action that can hurt you or people who love you because you only have one life. No problem is too big that it can not be fixed if you don’t try, but the first step towards it you have to take for yourself, cause remember no one knows what you are going through better than you.