Home Pet Care: Healthy Additions to Your Pet’s Life

Taking care of your pet is a crucial element of any pet owner’s day. Fortunately, there are a few easy steps and precautions you can take to improve your pet’s daily life, as well as keep them active.

Being more mindful of pet behaviors

Identifying when your pet is in pain – Since their communication is limited, pets will often have more difficulty with showing you how they are being affected. Consider their behaviors and body language. If they walk more gingerly or are spending time licking or biting a particular area, it’s important to note how long that’s been going on. If it becomes a consistent portion of their day and you observe the behavior often, there’s a strong probability that they have some kind of infection. Also, paw pain is a very common issue that goes unaddressed for pets as well.

Paw pain for pets

Pets and their paw health is a vital element to how they are feeling. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to identify what the issue may be with your pet. Take this into account when you can. Making sure their paws are healthy and smooth is a great place to start.

Is it a hot season – If it’s a hotter time of the year, avoiding asphalt and other surfaces that absorb heat more easily is a great step to improve your pet’s paw health. Pay mind to whenever they are struggling in the heat and if you can’t place your palm to the surface for more than a few seconds. Asphalt in particular can get to be upwards of 140 degrees on a summer day, so it’s vital to keep in mind. Roots Chakra

Healthier paw wear to lower risk for burns and infections- There are a ton of options for pets of all sizes to have covers for their paws. They will definitely be a bit resistant at first since the sensation will feel unnatural, but it will keep them safer. Infections will need to be treated as soon as possible since they can easily become larger, more impactful issues.

Paw balm – This is great for if your pet’s paws are rougher and have sustained long-term damage. Usually, you’ll see this if you take your pets on more physically demanding, rough terrain walks or hikes. This isn’t necessarily a bad practice for them, they will just need to be cared for appropriately.

How should I monitor what my pet eats?

Providing your pet with healthy, organic food options will be best for their overall wellbeing. Although it may be more cost-effective to go a different route, consider how heavily pet diets impact their overall health.

When on walks or hikes, your pet will be more prone to eating unfamiliar things off of the ground. Be mindful of this as well. Although it likely won’t be detrimental to their health, you should try to avoid letting them do this as much as possible. With these practices in place, expect your pet’s quality of life to improve a great deal.