What are the different types of drainage solutions available for your property?

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You are facing frequent problems in your drainage system because you do not have structural drainage solutions in your home. You need to choose the best drainage system for your home to prevent drain blockage and leakages. There are different types of drainage solutions available in the market and you can choose the best one for your home improvement.

Types Of Drainage Solutions:

  • French drain:

It is a common type of drainage solutions that can pass the water through gravel-fitted trench. You need to connect your gravels with a perforated pipe, and you can install this pipe outside of your house. The water can be divert to a low-lying area and you can keep your property safe from water damages. There will be no water accumulation on your dry walls or the roadways, and you can easily drain out the water from your property during heavy rain.

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  • Footing drain:

It is also known as foundation drainage system and you need to install some perforated pipelines underneath level of your property. You can install PVC or ABS pipes at the underground level and then you can hide these pipes with concrete slabs. You need to apply some coating at the exterior level to keep your drainage system moisture free. If you have a basement then you can install this drainage system.

  • Gutter system:

You need to install the best drainage solutions on your roof to remove the rainwater. If you do not install a proper guttering system in your property, then rainwater can damage your roof and it will damage the overall foundation of your building. It is a downspout system that can drain out the water from your roof and walls, and you can keep your property safe from storm water. Sometimes, guttering system can be blocked by dry leaves and tree branches, and you need to clean your gutters every month.

  • Grading drainage solutions:

It is a simple drainage system that can create some slopes on your property to drain out the water through storm water system. You can hire a contractor to examine your property and they will rework on your grading system to create some slopes. Make sure, you must maintain the building code of your state while you install this drainage system.

How Would You Choose the Best Drainage Solutions For Your Landscape?

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Rainwater can flow into your garage and home, and your driveways and sidewalks can get affected by rainwater. Apart from that, you can find some cracks on your pavement due to accumulation of rainwater. In this case, you can install channel drains on your pavement. These drainpipes will collect the water and drain out the water from the underground sewage lines.

Apart from that, you can install yard drainage system in your property. It is known as catch basins. Excess water will be stored on these basins installed at your landscape and it will be redirected to the sewage lines. If you have a large property, then you can install this drainage solution.

As stated above that French drains are very effective for outdoor and landscape area because they can keep your pavement safe from water seepages. But a French drainage system can affect your drywalls and you need to install them at a safe distance. In this case, you can search the best drainage solutions online and choose the best one for your property.

Make sure, you must check the license, reviews, and experience level of a contractor before you hire. Installing a drainage system is not a difficult job, but you need to maintain the same to keep your property safe.

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