What are the benefits of Microsoft Azure Certification

Microsoft Azure Certification

With the introduction of new innovations consistently, cloud computing is one of the advanced technologies that is developing fast. As per Oracle’s Cloud Predictions, “80% of all enterprise (and crucial)responsibilities will move to the cloud by 2025”. The essential feature that cloud computing offers is to share and store information in the cloud that can be accessed from any place in the world utilizing a decent internet connection. Learn more about the cloud by taking an Azure course from experts.

With the widespread implementation of cloud platforms, the demand for cloud computing experts has increased. This had prompted an increase in salaries, particularly among those with a certified ability in Microsoft Azure solutions, which includes skills on Azure Migration Services or Windows Virtual Desktop. Since individuals are more focused around the use of cloud services, they are enjoying the features of cloud computing such as sharing, storing, and accessing their data from anywhere in the world. The main reason behind the rapid adoption of cloud technology is the cost-effectiveness and ease of access. 

Cloud computing is one of the bigger industries that generate billions of dollars in revenue every year with hundreds and thousands of job opportunities. Many big companies are offering unique cloud services to many customers all over the world, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Oracle Cloud, IBM Cloud, Rackspace, and Microsoft Azure with 29% application responsibility of the overall cloud market. Check out the AWS course for an in-depth understanding of AWS.

These are all factors that reinforce the widely held belief that certification in a major cloud platform like Microsoft Azure will only enhance your career.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform, frequently compared with AWS and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with a portfolio of 200 products to make, run and oversee applications in an assortment of conditions. It is regularly utilized by organizations that already have a working relationship with Microsoft via services such as Teams or Office 365 and want to have everything in one place. 

Microsoft Azure Certification

Based on this, Microsoft Azure certification will have several distinct advantages when pursuing a career in cloud computing. Here we will take a look at the advantages of a Microsoft certification. 

  1. Career flexibility

Microsoft Azure certifications are very important while seeking a career in cloud computing, and it offers flexible career choices. Microsoft Azure certifications help secure credible jobs, for example, cloud administrator, security engineer, developer, data engineer, AI engineer, solutions architect, and DevOps engineer. Microsoft Azure offers nine job-based certifications that not only just increase the versatility of your role, but improves the possibilities of the industry you are working in. 

  1. You turn yourself into a vital asset

Organizations spend a lot of cash on their outsourced IT services, particularly when it comes to on-site data centers. Cloud migration replaces a majority of these costly solutions with a much cheaper one, with cloud services usually only charging for resources, such as processor power, that is utilized. 

An Azure certified professional, you can assist with this migration and take care of ongoing management, making you an indispensable resource within the business. This provides better job security and underlines your status as a popular expert. 

  1. Higher salaries

Another significant reason to become Microsoft Azure certified is the higher salaries and better acknowledgment in the market. As a Microsoft Azure certified professional, your certifications represent the range of abilities you have. With the growing popularity of cloud computing experts, you earn better compensation packages all over the world when compared to other IT fields. 

As per the salary report of ZipRecruiter, the average Azure Architect earns $144,866 per year and the average Azure Developer earns  $131,838 per year. Furthermore, the salary can be increased gradually when the necessary courses are taken to become a Senior Azure certified professional.

  1. Better security offerings

Microsoft Azure Security Technologies certification allows you to accomplish better security offerings, making you an Azure Security Engineer. As a Microsoft Azure security engineer, you will be responsible for securing and managing cloud-based solutions and may likewise secure hybrid cloud solutions as a component of end-to-end infrastructure security. 


The growing cloud adoption rates is enough evidence for you to be certain that pursuing a career as a Microsoft Azure professional has a bright future. In case you’re interested in learning more about how to become Microsoft Azure certified, join any cloud academy that offers Microsoft Azure Training, with valuable resources such as Learning Paths, Certification Preparation Exams, Courses, Quizzes, and Hands on Labs to learn and excel in Microsoft Azure. 

Author Bio – Ben is a technical writer at Nuvento. It’s an azure consulting company in the US. He enjoys telling about tech innovations and digital ways to boost businesses.